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City Golf Club With Wedding Caterers In Sydney

Sydney-based Char Catering is no longer the food caterer of Toowoomba City Golf Club. This news was confirmed by Peter Constance, venue general manager of the club, as emphasized by an unknown worker from The Chronicle. Mr. Constance disproved any claims that City Golf Club owed the caterer any sum of money, calling it a mere fabrication. So why not hire wedding caterers in Sydney for a more fruitful experience with food.

“While it’s true that there was a mutual agreement between Char Catering to stop their current contractual arrangement after the three-months probationary period; the golf club didn’t owe any money from the caterer. This information provided by The Chronicle is falseand a mere fabrication,” he said. “Char Catering provided finances for electricity, maintenance, and marketing expenses for each month.”

Char Catering finished their work at the club today, according to an unknown employee. “Yesterday was the caterer’s last day; where they resigned two weeks before. They were actually not making money for the club which was stipulated in an agreement they signed earlier,” she said. They should have hired wedding caterers in Sydney to provide more good food.

Another employee reached The Chronicle, saying nearly twelve people were fired by the transition. Mr. Constance renounced these claims, saying the club hired 28 people to jumpstart the new catering business. Jobs with the catering service is all based on performance and we carefully look at all applications based on merits,” he said. “There wasn’t enough staff to move around previously so we added more people, both old and new.“Only five left, and for some, they chose to go with Char Catering in Greenbank.” It should be a good start for wedding caterers in Sydney to expand.

City Golf Club is out on process for an expansion, with the club going through a recruitment drive just after Christmas headed by chef Bernhard Kohlhuber. They also posted ads for hiring new waiting and kitchen employees.

“The new chef is trained in Europe and will lead the team for an awesome future in our catering business,” Mr. Constance said.Customers expressed their frustration at how service was done, with one diner showing concern about the prices and lack of salad bars.

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