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Indirect Manner Of Tyre Recycling

Tyres are used in every vehicle and the fact is that tyres on the Gold Coast sell as fast as other products because of the need for replacement. When replaced, the old ones are sent to be recycled but many get stuck on a pile for months and years. For locals in New Zealand, regardless if they are driving or not, the pile just keeps getting higher as the year goes by.

They have now reached a point where the tyres that are expected to be recycled by the industry are only set on a discussion that never stops. They try to divert the issue and pay the fees required but they never resolve the issue head-on.

In other countries, old tyres are recycled and transformed into various things such as synthetic fabric while others are employing it on road surfacing. The process is costly but the fact is that the nation which is considered as an eco-friendlyis still unable to solve the current problem.

During disposal, each tyre comes with a collection fee of about $3 to $5. Tyre centres in the country have a lot of tyres to be disposed but the tyre disposal facilities in charge are not coming by to collect and issue an invoice. Disposal of truck tyres are more costly compared to car tyres. The problem is that once they have been picked up, they don’t know what to do with them.

One expert said that there is no business profit when it comes to recycling tyres but collection offers a lot of money.

There are risks when tyres are collected in one place and one of them is fire. Fires caused by tyres are not easy to stop and it has a huge impact to the environment. Fire services also admitted that one of their ongoing problem included tyre fires.

As the merry-go-round of failures and ticketing in the tyre disposal business continues to happen in New Zealand, old tyres on the Gold Coast are being managed by recycling facilities that recognize the effects of the waste on the environment.

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