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Australian Freight Industry Awards Welcoming Entries

One of the most awaited award ceremonies in the industry, the Australian Freight Industry Awards or AFIA, is held yearly with the organization of VTA or Victoria Transport Association. For 2018, the organization is proud to announce that transport companies in Perth many now send in their entries as registration is now open. The event is celebrated in honour of all operators in the logistics and freight industry. It is also a way for them to be rewarded with their outstanding efforts and the accomplishments they have received in the country.

AFIA is going to celebrate its 29 years since it began and for this year the sponsors are going to be Viva Energy Australia together with TWUSuper. The awards are one of the most prestigious in the industry therefore many companies are vying for it. VTA also announced that this year they are opening a new category which will award the best female in the transport sector that exhibited excellent leadership.

Peter Anderson, the CEO of VTA, said that the goal of the Australian Freight Industry Awards is to give recognition to transport operators all over the industry regardless of the sector and categories they are in. He added that they are going to add a new award which is called the Female Leadership in Transport Award to give praise to companies who are making steps to ensure that there is gender equality in the workforce and diversity among their employees.

Due to the addition of a new award, this year there will be seven awards to be given including the Investment in People Award to be given by Logical Staffing Solutions, the Personality of the Year Award to be awarded by Victorian Government, the Best Practice Safety Award from CMV Truck & Bus, the Young Achiever of the Year Award which Daimler Truck & Bus sponsored, the Application of Technology Award from Transport Certification Australia and the Waste & Recycling Award courtesy of National Transport Insurance.

Anderson is now encouraging transport companies in Perth and companies under the logistics and freight sector to register in order to become a part of the AFIA.

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Armenians Remember Their Carpet Making Tradition

For those who are worried about the fate of the centuries old tradition of carpet making in Armenia in this modern age, there is hope as twin sisters learned the craft starting when they were teens. They twins Haykanush and SahkanushStepanyan both learned the skill atGyumri which is known to be the second largest city in the country of Armenia. Everyone knows including the staff at Breath Easy Carpet Care how precious the art of carpet making in the country.

The teens are now 23 years old and employed by Tufenkian which manufactures wool carpets that are hand-knotted, hand-carded, hand-dyed ad hand-spun. Armenia features many arts but carpet making is something they are renowned for. Centuries ago, the art is considered to be a domestic craft done by housewives to give themselves a break from cooking, taking care of children and cleaning the house.

The Stepanyan twins are going to participate this coming summer in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. They recognize the intricate art of carpet making wherein after every row is finished, each thread strand is knotted to circle the warp threads therefore varying colors are revealed to make up the intricate design.

According to the Armenian Rugs Society’s president, HratchKozibeyokian, the traditional rugs used to be created for personal reasons by the weaver such as a gift, a dowry or a commemorative item. It was only in the 19th century that Armenian rugs were made for commercial use. During this time, women weavers are paid by merchants for every square inch they completed.

Kozibeyokian added that the industry of Armenian rug making today is stronger compared to the last few years. They refer to the phenomenon as a major revival. In fact, teachers all over the country are traveling to teach young women the ancient art as many were not able to learn carpet making at home. It is said that the tradition was broken but now it is back to life.

The communities of Armenian people are able to discover history through the stories told by the patterns on the carpets. It comes as no surprise that companies such as Breathe Easy Carpet Care are seeing a trend in Armenian carpets.

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Top Campaigns In Real Time Strategy Games

Who could forget the rise of the RTS game or real time strategy game Age of Empires which has been dubbed as the father of RTS? Almost two decades later, many RTS games have been released in the market and many are aiming to reach the same status as Age of Empires though its legacy may never be forgotten. To help new players, the best campaigns in RTS games have been pooled in one article.

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault is top on the list. There are four commanders in the story that will help in the Battle of the Bulge. Of the four, only three can be played by human players. Each of them has force driven by their personality and life story. What makes this game stands out is the meta-layer map’s level of difficulty. With this game, the spotlight is always on the battle. There are a lot going on that you would have to choose and strategize carefully in order to win this campaign.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak might not look like much. Many are hesitant to play the game because it might be just a second-rate version of the original but the campaigns included are actually decent. It has all the right elements that make the original game a personal favorite by some. On the default, players jump from one mission to another but it gives the player some time to gather their skills before launching another tough battle.

Battle Realms is third on the line because of the twists included in the storyline. Your peasants can be a part of combat units as long as they have leveled up and resources can be achieved by spending another in its place. Players can also switch from melee to range without a problem. While there are imperfections in the campaigns, it is still one of the most notable for 2018.

Last on the list is another real time strategy game called Emperor: Battle for Dune. It has the positive things an RTS game should have such as story presentation, depth of system, memorable characters and replay ability. The campaign offers a lot of risk because you are fighting against two houses controlled by AI in order to rule the Arrakis.

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Four Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a beautiful province in Thailand popular for its natural beauty and the rich history associated to World War 2. The area is popular with nature lovers and history buffs alike. Kanchanaburi also boasts of some beautiful trekking routes that attract backpackers.

There are many must visit attractions in Kanchanaburi like museums, temples, nature parks and tourists require to stay here at least for a couple of days to visit all the places. Tourists can choose from the best hotels in Kanchanaburi that offer great amenities at par with more developed cities like Bangkok.

Some of the popular tourist attractions in Kanchanaburi are

Hellfire Pass & Museum

This is the top rated attraction in Kanchanaburi. The hellfire pass museum pays homage to the war prisoners and Asian labourers who died building the railway line between Thailand and Burma during the World War 2. The war prisoners were tortured by the Japanese forces, and made to work with crude equipment in the harsh climate without proper food and water. The prisoners were made to cut through the mountain to create a railway line between the two countries. Tourists can visit the original cuttings on a guided trek through the mountain, the museum houses the original tools used by the prisoners and also has a memorial to pay last respects to the countless lives lost during the construction of the Death Railway.

Death railway museum and Thailand Burma railway centre

The death railway museum is adjacent to the war cemetery where the war prisoners who lost their lives during the construction of Death Railway were laid to rest. The Death Railway Museum has journals and information regarding the Death Railway and tells the story of its construction.

Erawan Falls

Erawan falls are the seven-tiered waterfalls located in the Erawan national Park in Kanchanaburi. The beautiful waterfall is popular picnic destination and attracts tourists from around Thailand. The hike up to the top most tier of the waterfall is a great adventure for travellers who love to trek. Stay at one of the best hotels in Kanchanaburi and enjoy a whole day exploring the Erawan national park.

Jeath museum

This is another museum in Kanchanaburi and is located near the war cemetery. The museum is run by a monk and has life size displays depicting the life of war prisoners and the tools used to torture them.

Apart from the above there are many other attractions in Kanchanaburi. Tourists can stay at the best hotels in Kanchanaburi and enjoy a relaxed vacation in this historical town and know about the cultural past of Thailand.

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Cremation Fees For Infants Abolished In Auckland

Auckland recently announced that the council has decided to abolish the cremation fees usually charged for infants. The fees will not be only applicable to children older than a year old and adults. The council recognized that the fees can be a burden. With deceased adults, they also have to pay for cremation urns for adults apart from the fees.

The new law will be implemented starting the 1st of July. Those covered are families who have lost an infant that is below the age of one year old. This will take away the stress brought about by the financial aspect of paying for their child’s cremation.

Daniel Newman, a councilor of Auckland representing the Manurewa-Papakura, said that this is something that he has been fighting for since he got elected into office of the council two years prior. He added that he pushed this law because he recognized that grieving parents need the compassion at this most trying time. Furthermore, it is not right to present parents with a invoice regarding the amount they have to pay when they just lost a new addition to their family. It is the state’s responsibility to ease some of the grief that they are feeling rather than adding more to their worries.

According to Newman, the council was able to gather a total of $14,000 in 2017 from the cremation of 81 newborn babies.

In an interview, a mother who lost her child two years ago said that the cremation alone became a financial hurdle for them. She and her partner did not prepare that something unfortunate will happen o them and the expense was quite beyond their capacity. She admitted that during that time she was thinking of cheaper alternative to bury their newborn son.

She further added that she was ready to bring a new life into the world but what she is not prepared for is that she is going to be bringing back the ashes of their son home.

According to law, families who have lost babies that are more than 20 weeks in the womb and weighs more than 400 grams are required to perform either cremation or traditional burial. They also have to purchase urns similar to cremation urns for adults and these alone can be a burden financially.

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Effectiveness Of Equine Therapy In Treating Drug Addiction

Drug addiction disturbs the life of the addicts. It wrecks havoc in the personal and professional life of the addicts. But addiction can be treated and the patients can be brought back to lead an addiction-free, normal life. If you or your loved are suffering from addiction and want to recover, there are a wide range of options for treatment. There are a number of rehab centers in different categories like free and low cost rehab centers, out-patient rehab centers, luxury rehab centers which provide in-patient and residential programs.

The treatment plans of the best drug rehab centersare customized to suit the requirements of individual patients. They include a lot of therapies like yoga, music therapy, art therapy and equine therapy. All these different therapies combined with counselling and proper medications help the patients to tackle their emotions and come out of addiction.

Equine therapy is an effective and successful therapy used by the best drug rehab centers. The therapy is experiential and involves taking care of a horse that is assigned to the patient. The patients take care of the feeding, hygiene, training and emotional requirements of the horse during a stipulated period. The patient develops a strong emotional bond with the horse and also receives unconditional love and acceptance from the animal which plays a major role in the process of recovery.

Patients undergoing equine therapy as part of their best drug rehab program learn communication skills, assertiveness, confidence, leadership qualities and develop a positive outlook of life. Since the patient receives unconditional love and acceptance from the animal without being judged, it helps them to feel liberated from the constant resentment and negative judgement; they regularly face due to their addictive habits.

Equine therapy works to bring the patient back to the present. Since the therapy involves taking care of  a horse and training it to complete challenges and activities, the patient learns to concentrate on the given tasks and stay away from the negative thoughts and behaviors that remind them of drugs. The therapy is very efficient in treating mental health conditions like anxiety, depression and stress. The therapy is one of the best drug rehab therapies that improve the emotional health of the patients, once the therapy is completed.

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Importance Of Audit Insurance And Points To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Policy

Insurance against tax audit is relatively a new product in insurance sector. The product is aimed at tax accountants who might sometimes make errors while preparing the returns of their clients, which might attract a tax audit. The insurance covers all the expenses incurred by the client to face the tax investigation.

The ATO picks up tax returns randomly for an audit. You may get a call from the tax office even if your returns are accurate and you have paid all your taxes. Claiming huge deductions and charitable contributions, conducting huge number of cash transactions, showing less income are some of the reasons a tax return may attract an audit procedure. Having the protection of tax audit insurance helps the accountants and their clients to complete the process of filing returns in a stress free manner.

Getting through the tax audit consumes a lot of time and money. The services of a huge number of professionals such as accountants, lawyers and accountants are required to get through a tax audit successfully. As audits take many years to complete, the costs may rise with astronomical effect. Opting for tax audit insurance covers all these expenses and takes off the financial burden.

While purchasing a tax audit insurance cover, keep the following points in mind

  1. All tax insurance covers are not the same. The definition of tax review changes from policy to policy. It is always advisable to go through the fine print of the policy before buying it. It will enable you to know the different types of scenarios, covered by the insurance policy.
  2. Some tax audit insurance policies only cover the accountant and not your business. Be careful while selecting a tax audit insurance policy and choose a policy that covers your business along with the accountant. This will help you to cover all the costs apart from the accountant’s charges.
  3. Most of the accountants offer tax audit insurance as part of their service contract. It protects the accountant and the client from the mistakes made while filing tax returns. Choose a policy that offers a good coverage depending on the size and nature of your business.
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