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Confusion Ensued Between U-Tapao Airport And EEC Projects

The management of the U-Tapao airport is planning to relocate the new facilities intended to be constructed which includes the third terminal. The new location will be near the EEC or Eastern Economic Corridor where the high speed railway will pass through. The train is intended to bridge three major airports in the country according to Leuchai Sri-eamgool who is the director of the airport. This is beneficial for tourists wanting to visit a rooftop bar in Rayong because the area will be more accessible.

As of the moment, land refitting is being conducted in Rayong’s airport after an announcement made by the EEC Committee which is led by the Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha. He said that the 6,500 rai will be taken away from the land area of U-Tapao which is over 16,000. The land is to be used by the EEC for their upcoming projects to be constructed.

The said projects include the high speed railway which will link the airports of Don Mueang, Suvaranabhumi as well as U-Tapao. U-Tapao is also expecting new structures to be constructed including an overhaul centre, a maintenance facility and repair area. There will also be zones reserved for cargo depot and the trading zone for tax tree items.

Because of the announcement, the proposed third terminal of the airport as well as the second runway will have to move to a new location but still within the airport compound, as explained by the rear admiral. Luechai added that the distance of the new location from the current airport structures is around 1.5 km.

Before the end of July, it is expected that the terms of reference for the said projects will have already been announced by the EEC committee. The projects will have a budget of more than 200 billion baht and auction winners are expected to be finalized in October.

Many establishments in the area are looking forward to these projects including the rooftop bar in Rayong because it is expected that the province will have a better skyline view when all of the constructions are completed.

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Education For The Children Of Asylum Seekers In Thailand

It is important for children to have the best primary and secondary education at international school in Thailand in preparation for their future in universities and colleges. International schools provide high quality education in all academic subjects including extracurricular activities. The dominant language used is often English so that children can easily adapt to international ideals.

Ten-year old Andrew and 16-year old Angelina belong to a family of Christian Pakistanis that sought asylum in Thailand. Children of asylum seekers can attend school at Victoria Memorial, one of the two schools that provide education to children. The community is unlike other schools that you are familiar with. It is located in a rundown one-bedroom apartment building in the outer area of Bangkok.

Twenty-five children attend school from 9AM to 1PM. Even with the threats of an immigration crackdown, Victoria Memorial tries to create a normal life for the children in a city that is far from home. The school which is housed in a narrow alley of a deep sub soi is away from prying eyes. Two teachers with one of them having received refugee status teach the children English, Urdu, science, math and the Bible.

In spite of the cramped and humid conditions inside the classroom, the teachers made the effort to fit it with a whiteboard, computers and chairs. Learning is a challenge when there is no table to write on but the children are all smiles which is a positive indication that there is a temporary escape from the uncertainties of living in a country where their families are not recognized as asylum seekers.

Andrew and his sister Angelina hopes that the United Nations will understand that repatriation to Pakistan is not the best solution because Christians are being prosecuted. Christian Pakistani families will only return to Pakistan if the UN can guarantee that their lives will not be threatened.

Children studying in international school in Thailand have so much to be grateful for. The international school provides them with the right books and equipment as well as peaceful environment that motivate learning. The children receive diverse and engaging education to ensure that they are properly prepared for higher education.

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Why Singapore-Based Companies Need To Outsource Payroll Processing

There are situations when a company has to decide between payroll outsourcing service or in-house payroll processing to save on costs. Many consider outsourcing as more expensive but they fail to consider the advantages that can be gained like compliance with federal, state and local regulations in payroll computations.

Under certain circumstances, a better solution for Singapore-based companies including those with operations in the ASEAN region is to outsource payroll management to professional firms. While HR personnel can monitor regulatory changes in Singapore and Southeast Asian region, if the personnel responsible for payroll processing is absent or suddenly resigns from the job, the company loses the expert knowledge of the regulations that have to be followed in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

When a Singapore-based payroll outsourcing provider is chosen, there is continuity in compliance because regulatory knowledge is not dependent on an individual. Outsourcing is very important to new companies that are unfamiliar with the local labour regulations in Singapore and ASEAN. SME’s can save money through outsourcing because they will have access to advanced automated payroll software without entailing extra costs.

Compliance and the reduction of payroll-associated risks are the main reasons why Singapore-based companies prefer to outsource payroll. Outsourcing providers have staffs that specialize in being updated with the rules and regulations at the national, state, local and industry level including changes in withholding tax tables and social insurance deductions.

When companies outsource their payroll, they can streamline the HR department to focus on employer-employer relationship and other strategic employee management issues. Confidentiality and transparency is also ensured because employees are not aware of the salary details of the organization. There is greater risk of information becoming public if payroll processing is done in-house. All sensitive data are secure and only the top management and key decision makers are knowledgeable of salary details.

There is more transparency when a company works with payroll outsourcing service because mistakes can be reported immediately without the added complexities of inter-departmental reporting structures. However, companies must be extra diligent when choosing outsourcing providers to ensure that the resources are compatible and customized according to the company’s requirements.

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South California Rehab Company Gets Clinic In Texas

Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN) a Southern California Rehab facility specialist has recently made a recent move in Carrolton, Texas, with the purchase of a new clinic in the Lone Star State.

Physical Rehabilitation Network LLC., a private physical therapy company based in Southern California’s Carlsbad, primarily operating Southern California Rehab facilities, though PRN is recognized as one of the leading rehab groups for the Western United States through its partnerships with notable physical and occupational therapists  across the Western half of the United States.

The company is actively looking for expansion opportunities, they are seeking out therapists and clinics, which is why they bought Elevate Physical Therapy clinic, located 1012 W. Hebron Pkwy, Suite 124, Carrollton, Texas. This new clinic is to operate under the Vista Rehab Partners brand, which currently has 17 outpatient rehabilitation clinics within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Clinic director Nisha Matthews, will remain in her current position in overseeing the facility.

A statement by PRN, released via their Regional VP, Craig Rettke, says that the choice to acquire Nisha and the Elevate Physical Therapy team is due to the fact that they align with Vista Rehab Partners’ corevalues in prioritizing customer service and patient care above all other aspects. Rettke says that Nisha is a valuable and wonderful new addition to the family and that PRN looks forward to her continuing leadership in the Carrollton community.

Matthews has a Master’s Degree in Manipulative Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy,  and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and is trained in several therapy techniques, with a total of 12 years of medical experience in Canada, Texas and New York.

The Elevate Physical Therapy clinic features a variety of physical therapy services including, but not limited to, orthopedic rehabilitation and workers’ compensation services. They also have specialized programs, such as Fall Prevention Programs, Core Stabilization Programs and the like.

CEO Bruce McDaniel, PRN, commented that PRN is excited to have the Elevate Physical Therapy clinic and Matthews joining the PRN family, reiterating the point expressed by Rettke, adding that her high standards are fitting for the PRN group, and something that they will work on and improve upon.

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Thai Government Supportive Of Marine Industry

If the reason for your travel to Thailand is to experience diving in the Similan Islands, your best option is Thailand liveaboad that allows you to spend a few days enjoying a dive life. Aside from an experienced dive guide, you will enjoy amenities similar to what 5-star hotels in Bangkok offer. You will never regret the decision to experience liveaboard because it is once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

According to Vrit Yongsakul, group managing director of Boat Lagoon Yachting, the yacht industry is expecting a 10% growth rate this year. The yacht sector in Thailand is currently undergoing fundamental changes in facilities, infrastructure and public understanding of yachting as a sport. The Thai government has also reduced the import taxes on boats over the last ten years.

Thailand is fast becoming a boating haven. There is greater of understanding of the boating culture due to expertise gained from abroad. At present, there are 150 yachts in Thailand. Some of them stay in the islands for an average of 2 months. A day of stay in Thailand cost more than 100,000 baht per person.

According to Boat Lagoon Yachting that is also providing boat charter services and after-sales services for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Maldives, the prices of boats range from 20 million to 4 billion baht. The company managed to sell 30 boats last year with a growth rate of 10% to 15%.

Thailand has the most extensive maintenance facilities in Southeast Asia because the government is supportive of marine tourism. However, in spite of Thailand’s edge over other countries in terms of facilities and infrastructure, there is still competition. To cope up with competition, there must be improvements in repair and berthing facilities to attract more superyachts to come to Thailand. The government is on the process of reviewing various formalities to simplify licenses and visas to attract more charters to the region.

Government support for marine tourism is good news for Thailand Liveaboad that provides tourists a vacation they will never forget. The Similan Islands is considered as one of the best dive sites in the world because of the abundant marine life, white sandy beaches, living corals and underwater treasures of the Andaman Sea.

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2017 As The Year Of Uncertainty In The Property Market

Location is usually the main factor considered when choosing a Luxury House in Phatthanakan because some prefer to live away from the city while others choose to be close. For some of the high-end home buyers, nice views are important but others prioritize convenience, privacy and comfort. There are other factors to reckon with like the number of bedrooms and baths and the size of living and dining space.

For the year 2017, the global luxury real estate market has to face several challenges. In London, Brexit has certainly created a lot of issues that resulted into an unpredictable market. In the United States, a new president was elected with a new tax plan in the works to influence how people decide to invest their money.

According to Jeremy Stein of Sotheby’s International Realty, 2017 is a year of uncertainly for the real estate industry which is not really a good thing. Although Mr. Stein was talking about New York, his comments can be applied to other cities all over the world. As of September 2017, Mr. Stein said that luxury home buyers have come to an understanding that uncertainty is the new world order. Investors have started to be comfortable with the uncomfortable so that they started buying properties without any assurances for the future.

Many notable transactions have been brokered in 2017 which are in defiant of external influences. In New York City where there is a wealth of inventory but small demand, sellers were willing to slash prices. Manhattan’s luxury real estate prices dropped with the median resale value of luxury homes dropping 2% year-over-year to $4,317million, the lowest level since 2014.

A 2-unit spread at Trump Towers experienced a 31% price cut in November.  A Plaza Hotel apartment that was listed last November for $25million was offered with 50% discount from the original asking price in 2014.

Some of the reasons why you should consider investing in Luxury House in Phatthanakan include ease of access to the expressway, BTS and airport link. Besides that, major project developers continue to view the luxury property market as one with excellent growth opportunities.

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Increase In Rail Fares To Be Expected

There is a recently released common ticketing system and it could affect the electric train line fares. The chairman of BTS Group Holdings Plc, Keeree Kanjanapas, said that it is expected that the fares will increase if the government failed to provide additional subsidies to private companies that the responsible in managing the lines all over Bangkok. There is an ongoing hotel promotion in Bangkok at the moment but the fare hike can be a turn-off to tourists and locals alike.

He explained that a number of companies have been charged with higher costs in operation and maintenance because of the increase in the number of daily passengers as well as the expanding routes of the transit system. Mr. Keeree said that it is natural for each operator to demand prices accordingly.

He said that both BTS and MRT are using their own price with a starting fare of one baht. With the case of the common ticketing system, they have to get an approval first before they will be given the right to make their own collective starting price.

Once the common ticketing system is complete, the passengers will only be using a single card which they refer to as the Mangmoom or Spider card. The same card can be used for whatever mode of transportation the passenger desires.

There are many instances wherein integration of the system has been planned but never happened. According to latest announcement made by ArkhomTermpittayapaisith, the minister of transport, the new schedule in officially rolling out the new cards will be June of next year.

For the June schedule, the public will only start to use the Mangmoom cards when commuting via the public buses and Airport Rail Link while on October, it can be used on the Purple and Blue Lines of the MRT as well as the BTS skytrain.

Based on the decision of the cabinet, the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand or MRTA will now be in charge of the cards instead of the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning or OTP. It is expected to help with hotel promotion in Bangkok as tourists will only have to use one card in all of their commutes.

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