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Courier Giant Inquires About AU’s Security Checks

A major player in the courier delivery market, one of the larger global and Melbourne courier companies has filed a complaint to the government, regarding Australia’s reliance on paper documents, like birth certificates, for security checks.

In response, the parliament has already set up a committee, which is currently investigate possible remedies to the complaints, including improvements to Australia’s border arrangements, which cover the topic of parcel and freight security.

The complaint was filed by DHL Express, with the company’s Security Manager, Margaret McCormack speaking during a hearing held in the capital city of Canberra late July, complaining that the DHL workforce was required to go through strict security steps including the submission of their Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASICs).

The complaint’s primary issue was that the current system possesses a notable flaw, which requires a change in the law to implement, and that utilizing paper documents, such as birth certificates, for identification in such legal matters was, in her words, unbelievable.

She states that, with the improvements to technology, biometrics have become commonplace and should be introduced to Australia, alongside ASIC cards and, if possible, facial recognition.

Biometrics cover unique identifiers such as DNA, voice analysis, iris patterns, and fingerprints.

McCormack added that police and ASIO checks were routinely conducted, which was good, but noted that certain key bits of information don’t appear on a police check.

The primary issue with the current method, according to DHL, was with their contractors and temporary workforce.

The committee went into a private session after inquiring on whether or not any DHL employees, temporary workers or contractors had prior criminal records.

Part of the issue was the fact that, due to the sheer volume of parcel traffic that went through Australia, even DHL, one of the largest global Melbourne courier companies, have trouble properly ensuring remain free of illegal goods, even with assistance from the Australian Border Force and Australian Federal Police. This coop oversees 15 million shipments every year. This meant that security methods involving parcels and couriers have to be up to date and top-notch, in order to account for the volume of shipments and cargo.

With regards to how organized crime could take advantage of large supply chains, Australia Post hired Kevin Zuccato as its new security chief. Zuccator was the former Assistant Commissioner for the Australian Federal Police.

Australia Post has stated that the issue of illegal goods making their way into Australia via the post is an outstanding issue that needs to be dealt with.

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