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Honda Motor Europe Reveals Favourable Sales Volumes

The European arm of automotive and 2-wheel industry giant Honda has reported that their turnover has grown by more than £1 billion. Production has dramatically increased ever since Honda started exporting UK-made cars to North America. On the other hand, Honda motorbikes in the UK continue to generate favourable sales volume.

Honda Motor Europe Ltd. has revealed that their turnover grew to £5.21 billion in the past 12 months ending March 31, 2017, up from £4.05 billion during the 2015-16 period. Pre-tax profits also soared to £73.3 million from the £31.7 million of the previous year. In the report that accompanied the results, the directors explained that the £1.16 billion increase in revenue resulted from the increase in sales volumes generated by the automotive and motorcycle businesses. There was also a corresponding increase in automotive exports to North America including the strengthening of the Euro over the Sterling.

Sales of Honda motorbikes grew by 6.4%to 217,000 while automotive sales in Europe increased by 7% to 184,000. Sales increase was reportedly due to the HR-V model and the gradual recovery in economic conditions. With regards to sales of Honda motorbikes in the UK, Swandon manufacturing operations of Honda reported turnover of £2.16 billion up from £1.84 billion.

According to a Honda spokesman, Honda will remain with its commitment to its UK operations. However, the company has urged the UK government to continue with its dialog with the European Union so that a free and frictionless trading environment can be created post Brexit. Honda believes regular and constructive discussions are very important to the continued success of companies in the European region.

Honda Motor Europe is very supportive of the UK government and the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. The company hopes that the negotiations will successfully maintain the conditions of barrier-free and tariff-free access between the UK and EU.

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