Bubble Wrap without the Loud Pop

Close up of bubble wrap, used for packaging

When word spread that bubble wrap will lose its iconic loud pop, the backlash that Sealed Air received was overwhelming. Jerome Peribere, CEO of Sealed Air received hundreds of emails, texts and letters from all over the world saying that they can’t just do that to bubble wrap. Sealed Air has been manufacturing bubble wrap as a packaging material since 1960 and the new iteration of the popular packaging product is due to the environment which is very important for mankind.

The revamped version of Sealed Air’s signature product will be sold in flat plastic sheets that the shipper can inflate using a custom made pump. After the plastic sheet has been inflated, it will look like the original bubble wrap but since there is no pressure, it will not pop.

The new version of bubble wrap will appeal to space-conscious online retailers because the inflated rolls of packaging material take up precious room in delivery trucks and warehouses. One delivery truck worth of the new bubble wrap is equivalent to at least 47 trucks of the old inflated kind. The reduction in carbon emissions during the manufacture of bubble wrap will be a big deal for the environment.

This shift is a part of Peribere’s strategy towards sustainability. The planet is already choking and yet companies do not have a sense of urgency for better packaging that increase a product’s shelf life. In the company’s food division, they are focused on cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene so that the shelf life of a product can be extended by about a third.

The company also aims to cut down on waste in its legacy division that is packaging. Peribere noted that at least $9 billion worth of products are damaged or broken during transport because of inefficiency in packing. When tiny items are packed in massive boxes, companies waste fuel by essentially transporting air. According to Peribere, sustainability has to be tied with the product, solution performance and cost effectiveness.

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