Bang Sue As The Main Bangkok Train Station By 2019

On June 25, 2015, it was announced that the Hualamphong Station is set for retirement after nearly 100 years in the service. According to the Governor of the State Railways of Thailand, Wutthichart Kalayanamitr, the services will be moved to Bang Sue Station in 2019.

Most local train travelers choose to board and alight in the Bang Sue Railway station already since Hualamphong station is inconveniently located in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Bangkok’s Chinatown was the center of government and commerce in the early 20th century. When Hualamphong station operated, Bangkok was a totally different place. The Sukhumvit Road and Silom area were not constructed after another 40 to 60 years. Thus, the location of the main station was in Hualamphong.

Now, most passengers avoid going to the Hualamphong station unless they are changing trains or headed for the Old Quarter in Bangkok.

It is a fact that it is easier to get to the airports from the Bang Sue station where most people live.

Bang Sue, however, might not be able to cope with the demands of the number of passengers. It currently has 2 stations while Hualamphong has 14 stations. Bang Sue has seating areas for hundreds of people but Hualamphong has seating areas for thousands of people. This situation is the same in terms of toilets and other facilities. There is also nothing in Bang Sue station and no one stays here after alighting from the trains.

A massive investment in Bang Sue needs to be done before it can be the main train station. Four years is a short time for this project especially that the new structure, the budget and the planning permissions have not been finalized yet.

There are the few downsides to this move like the people who will lose their homes and livelihoods at both stations. On the other hand, a long term advantage is foreseen. It is helpful for people not only those who Book a train in Thailand either to short distanced destinations or other parts in the country when stations are in designated areas around the city centers and accessible to most.

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