Australia’s Best Specialty Coffee Now Delivered To Coffee Fans’ Homes

The latest web and mobile platform, where coffee fans are able to shop Australia’s top coffee beans at a single place, was recently launched last May.

Australia as a top coffee culture which is a local start-up company made coffee beans available coming from fourteen of Melbourne’s best cafés and roasters, such as Code Black Coffee Roasters and Small Batch Roasting Co. Also, Ona Coffee located in Canberra is one of the suppliers.

Australia has one of the top coffee cultures worldwide, according to Sestic, who was in town for The Coffee Man première in Singapore.

For Sestic, Australia has such diversity as each café or roaster do things distinctly. He added that it will be interesting for people to be able to taste all that Australia has to offer, to let them see their coffee preference.

As an example, Ona Coffee sources its coffee beans straight from the growers. Sestic mentioned that they work with over 150 farmers in ten countries, and that they also have their coffee farms in Honduras and Nicaragua.

He added that they have three varying roast profiles, and these are milk based, espresso and filter. Their consumers are able to pick their blends, and they offer brewing recipes too.

Coffee straight to homes

The coffee beans purchased from are already roasted when ordered and will get delivered within a week, with a S$10 nominal fee. According to Keyis Ng, co-founder and CEO, they are minimizing the shipping costs for these coffee beans to be extra affordable.

Consumers are able to check their available brands via the website. They started orders last June. They also waived all delivery charges during the first week.

Sestic said that in Australia, there is an A$10 delivery fee. He pointed out that Singaporean consumers will get the beans fresh, same with their customers in Perth or Sydney.

Ng is very positive about their endeavour, and they hope to become the biggest coffee e-commerce platform in the next years.


This is definitely great news for every coffee lover especially those that want to Buy Coffee Online. With coffee’s increasing availability and the buying convenience, this process will surely be a global culture.

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