Aura: A Two-Piece Security System For An Entire Home

Earlier this month, Cognitive Systems made Aura public. Aura is a one-of-a-kind, two-piece security system which is able to detect motion in an entire house using wireless signals. The company has mentioned that its $499 security system is an alternative to the current devices for home security, one which steers clear of the privacy concerns from the always-on and internet connected smart cameras.

The two-piece security system of Aura

Aura has a couple of components: a hub and a tiny remote sensor which plugs directly to any wall outlet. The company suggested that every component must be placed at opposite sides in a home, as it offers coverage of things in between, regardless of stairs, walls or other obstructions.

The system makes use of patented spectrum analysis technology in order to discover motion when a person goes in an operational area. Aura will either send an alert to a home owner’s phone or activate a siren. Cognitive Systems has claimed that the motion detection of Aura is more accurate and reliable compared to the conventional security systems since it filters out the non-human movements, such as ceiling fans or pets. It also does not depend on light, so it operates during anytime in the day or night.

According to Cognitive Systems’ co-founder Taj Manku, when they realized that their technology is able to perceive motion through seeing how patterns in the wireless signals alter a home, they knew that they had something unique. With the use of radio frequencies, they offer a more reliable solution with the removal of false detections, according to Manku.

Aura will arm or disarm itself automatically during the time that an authorized user is going to leave or return home. Any additional authorized user, such as family members or nannies, can be added to its system through its Android or iOS application. At the time when these authorized users enter a home, Aura is going to know their presence and will not sound an alarm.

Summing up

With the arrival of these DIY home security systems, securing spaces like homes is already easier, cheaper and more efficient.

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