ASEAN Media Trip Set To Advertise Myanmar

Tourists and visitors to any hotel in Myanmar Yangon should expect some media from across the region, as a week-long ASEAN media trip to the country has been arranged, which will take the participating media representatives to the country’s notable attractions, including the city of Yangon.

The Myanmar Travel Bloggers Club was responsible for organizing the trip, which will have 30 participating media representatives from leading networks and publications from the ASEAN region, such as Thailand’s Spring News, Malaysia’s New Straits Times, and Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Post, among others, as well as popular travel bloggers from these countries.

The details were revealed by Club Chairman Ma May Zune Win, who says that Myanmar has rarely used foreign media in its attempts to market itself as a tourist destination, with the trip being a good way to introduce the country to foreign media via seasoned representatives, who are regular attendees of travel events and exhibitions, before coming up with a tourist marketing strategy for the country.

The conflict in Myanmar’s Northern Rakhine State has scared off more than few Western and European visitors, with local tour operators adapting by focusing on the ASEAN region as their main target. According to Ma May Zune Win, it’s because Myanmar knows the situation within the ASEAN region well, with direct air link and no VISA requirements for entrance.

Ma May Zune Win says that it’s not important where the visitors hail from, only that they come into the country, sign into a hotel in Myanmar Yangon or anywhere else, and fill the hotels.

The trip has not received any official support from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, nor from privately-owned travel groups, but Ma May Zune Win says that groups like Shwe Pyi Nan Myanmar Thanakhar are helping with the funding.

The familiarization tour will be aimed at more countries the next time, with media representatives from other countries in Asia such Japan, and South Korea being considered.

With the lack of proper funding for overseas promotion, the Myanmar Ministry of Hotel and Tourism is planning on collecting taxes from travellers, amounting to US$1 for foreign travellers, and K1000 for domestic ones.

According to data from the Ministry, Myanmar welcomed 3.44M international visitors in 2017, up by 18% from the previous year, with 1.36M coming in with VISAs and 2.08M coming in via the border checkpoints.

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