Advances In Technology To Usher In The Second Age Of Aluminium In The 21stCentury

Aluminium has been around for as long as you can remember. In the 1880’s aluminium was considered to be more precious than gold because of the difficulty to produce the metal in its purest form. Since then aluminium has become an integral part of daily life in some form or another. Aluminium is widely used in the manufacture of airplanes, vehicles, currency and substrates for electronics.

Aluminium has become a very versatile metal and has evolved into more interesting and new applications from being the foundation of infrastructures to oil and glass cleanup. The uses of aluminium grew at an exponential rate with the certainty that the metal will usher in the 21st century Second Age of Aluminium.

One of the new ways with which the benefits of aluminiumare being harnessed is in the form of Surmet Corp’s ALON Optical Ceramic or otherwise known as optical aluminium. It is very likely that you have heard of the term in a Star Wars movie but in this case, Surmet developed an aluminium-based ceramic that is strong enough to withstand the pressure of a .50 calibre armour-piercing bullet at close range. Surprisingly, transparent aluminium is lighter and thinner than the typical bullet-proof glass sold in the market.

The key to ALON’s technology is aluminiumoxynitride/ceramic powder that is heated to a high temperature so that the material will liquefy. Afterwards, it will be cooled rapidly to scatter the molecules and left frozen while in a scattered state. The process provides transparent aluminium with strength and scratch resistance similar to the hardness of sapphire.

Transparent aluminium can be moulded into nearly any shape and subsequently polished and sanded to generate a glass-like quality with incredible clarity. The end-result is an astounding material that can be used for applications in space/aviation, military, environmental and transportation industries.

Aluminiumis a highly versatile material that has numerous applications in homes and buildings. You can use aluminium in Thailand for various applications like windows and door frames that require effortless and minimal maintenance, aluminium carports in cutting-edge designs, garden rooms to enjoy the beauty of the environment and curtain walls as outer cover of a building.

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