A Unique Latin American Travel Experience Through A Local Expert

Luxury travel planners have been around for a quite a while but they don’t actually pay attention to Africa and Latin America. Jacada Travels hopes to fill the gap. The British founder of Jacada Travels, Alex Malcolm reinforced his belief that Latin America can provide travellers with unique experience after exploring South America for 4 years.

Based on his Latin American experience, Malcolm believed that local experts are very important if one wants to delve into local culture. The guest will not write a review based on the hotel experience; the praise will be directed towards the excellence of local guides. Malcolm believes that his network of consultants will make a trip exceptional and provide travel experiences that consider the individual’s tastes and pace.

Malcolm hopes that when travellers visit a foreign place, they must have some connection with local life. Jacada Travels makes the effort to select private guides that are quite known in the local society. The private guides play the role of host and they are responsible for planning itineraries as well as handle any issues that crop up for the guests.

For example, in Argentina, Jacada Travels find a partner from a wine-making family to host the company’s guests. The personality must be known locally so that the guests will feel that they are walking on the streets with a royalty. It will be easier to acquire local knowledge about the area because people will not hesitate to share information in the presence of the well-known guide.

According to Malcolm, luxury travel is constantly evolving.  In the past years, high-end travel was all about beaches in private islands. Nowadays, guests appreciate local scenery and culture. Many travellers want to attach greater importance to the richness of their experiences that they even want to make a difference in the communities that they travel to.

Yes, indeed, every traveller has a different agenda but the same goal of having an unforgettable experience. Allow South America tours to arrange your travel plans according to your dreams, interests and budget. A travel specialist will work with you to ensure a perfect holiday that will satisfy your expectations.

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