A Look Into the World of A Powerful Elite’s Personal Assistant

When working as a personal assistant to the elite, the job sometimes involves achieving the impossible, usually under difficult time constraints.

Personal assistants as strategic business partners

For twenty-five years, personal assistant Bonnie Low-Kramen honed her skills through getting the impossible happen for Olympia Dukakis, an Oscar winning actress.

However, working as personal assistants don’t necessary win prestige or honour. It is mostly assumed that personal assistants are not doing a meaningful occupation, and they are often dismissed as workers having minimal impact to a whole organization.

As stated by Low-Kramen, the most intelligent executives or CEOs are already understanding that it is an intelligent move to make use of their assistants as strategic business partners. The profession is highly dominated by females at 95% to 98%. More women are coming to be executives or CEOs. Now is a great time to become an assistant. Hiring rate is also higher, and there are jobs that pay assistants in six figures especially in major cities.

The impossible work of personal assistants

However, not every assistant is the same. Bonnie Low-Kramen is one of those rare assistants being able to do “miracles” for employers.

According to her, it is always the last minute requests which are highly specific. She recalled a specific time that Dukakis was almost late for a speaking engagement, when they experienced gridlock traffic because of a construction. Dukakis asked her if she is able to get a police escort, after the limo driver suggested that it is the only way to get them there promptly. She was able to pull it off, although they were late 20 minutes. However, there was no talk regarding what happened on Monday. For her, assistants are expected to do their job, to save the day, pull out a miracle, and then continue on with their next tasks.

Becoming a professional assistant

Low-Kramen now owns a Personal assistant training company which pays particular attention to teaching people be a professional assistant.

Even though this training seems redundant to other people, she mentioned how necessary it is due to the assistants’ close proximity to their superiors.



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