A Community Near Northampton Scales Up!

Moulton is a small community near Northampton with little or fewer amenities to cater to the residents of the village. People of the community have dreamt of having a complete set of structures that can develop the community and its culture as a community and village that caters to all needs of its residents.

Ten years ago, it has been identified that a need to build venues for learning, development, and growth are needed. The residents have a dream of having places to spend time in, for residents to enjoy and make use of for personal and business functions such as parties, weddings, meetings, conferences, trainings, and other events that the residents will have. Current residents in the community have described what little that the community has. The current set-up in the community does not have a pre-school for the little kids. The small library, which is county’s busiest library, is small, is in an old building, and has no parking. Even the village hall cannot accommodate the rising demand that the growth in the number of residents in the community.

The current plan for renovation and the new structure is now going to be a reality. A commission by Moulton’s Parish Council for a new community center will make it real. It is funded by a Public Works Loan Board loan and an investment by the Northamptonshire County Council amounting to £400,000. Aside from the new structures to be built, this would mean more opportunities for construction companies including painters & decorators Northampton.

The dedicated team, from the foundation to painters & decorators Northampton, will be creating the dream community center for the village. This new center will house The Little Acorns Pre-School operating in a small hall during the term starting September 2017. It will also have a library that has state-of-the-art facilities, open for longer hours, and parking. The center will also be having two big halls available for the events and parties. Trainings and conferences will be conducted on the first floor of the center where two halls are dedicated to such meetings. These rooms are all available to residents to rent. In the midst of all is the Forget-me-not Café which will offer catering packages and be a possible meeting place for the resident when accessing the services of the center.

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