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How To Apply For An EIN In Oklahoma

The employer identification number or EIN is mandatory to own when you set up a small or big business. You need to know how to apply for an EIN in Oklahoma IRS. This number will be used to file business taxes, establish bank accounts, loans and licenses. For sole proprietorship with no employees, they are required no EIN. You can get the tax ID number free of charge and here’s how to apply for one:

  • Get the application form online for processing and immediate approval.

You can check the SS-4 form from the IRS website. Read through the instructions before you accomplish the form. Ensure you fill-out the form during the hours you downloaded it from the site. Once done, you can send the form immediately by email and wait till IRS receives and processes it.

  • Provide accurate information during the application

When you apply for an EIN in Oklahoma, ensure you own a SSN or individual taxpayer identification when filling out the application process. Indicate your information in the application form. It will usually take ten days for the EIN to be kept in the IRS database, so you need to wait patiently.

  • Contact an IRS representative if you prefer assistance

If you need assistance and prefer to work with an IRS representative, ensure you provide him or her with your individual tax identification number. Be ready to note down your new EIN after the application process. The application will usually take ten days to process.

  • Accomplishing the Form SS-4 if you prefer mailing or faxing.

After downloading the SS-4 form, you need to use black or blue ink and never to abbreviate within the application. Ensure you sign and include a date in the form. Before you send the document by mail or fax, ensure you have written the right information.

  • Know the IRS address when you visit their website.

When you apply for an EIN in Oklahoma and send the application form through mail or fax, be specific with the Oklahoma address of the IRS. If you send it through fax, it will take ten days for the processing. If the application is mailed, it may take up to four weeks to wait.

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Amour Romance Held In Bangkok

Thailand recently played host to the very first Amour Asia-Pacific 2018, earlier this mid-February of 2018. The Amour Asia-Pacific is a big trade event, bringing in experts and companies from across the Asia-Pacific region to talk about and promote romance travel and tourism.

Hosted by the Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, itself a wedding hotel in Bangkok, with the cooperation of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The event, fittingly enough, started on the 14th of February, and continued for 3 more days, ending at the 17th.

Thailand welcomed approximately 1.1M international romance travellers back in 2017, the majority of which headed for either a wedding in a wedding hotel in Bangkok or in the islands, or a honeymoon. The Thai romance tourism sector generated approximately US$1.65B for the country’s economy, or about US$1,500/visitor per trip.

Asia is one of the big markets for Thailand’s romance tourism, but the industry has some concerns; fearing that the growth rate for the industry as a result of more and more Asian couples postponing wedding vows in order to pursue career opportunities.

CEO of Worldwide Events, Richard Barnes, says that Thailand is one of the biggest players when it comes to romance travel in Asia, and, as such, the group was happy to host the event, which showed off the wide range of products and services on offer for the discerning luxury romance traveller.

The Amour Asia-Pacific 2018 is a luxury trade event catering to romance travel designers, destination wedding planners, and honeymoon curators. It was organised by Big Worldwide Limited, known for handling several big tourism events, such as the Amour Europe Forum, the M&I Forums, as well as the PRIVATE Luxury Forums, all of which were held all during 2016. The Tourism Authority of Thailand cooperated with Big Worldwide Limited to co-host the event, as it promotes the country’s tourism.

The Amour Asia-Pacific 2018 welcomed romance travel buyers and destination wedding planners, with a total of 77 buyers and 84 exhibitors from across the region presenting at the event. The host country, Thailand, was represent by Amanpuri Phuket, Belmond Napasai Koh Samui, Conrad Koh Samui, and Destination Asia, among others.

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Education For The Children Of Asylum Seekers In Thailand

It is important for children to have the best primary and secondary education at international school in Thailand in preparation for their future in universities and colleges. International schools provide high quality education in all academic subjects including extracurricular activities. The dominant language used is often English so that children can easily adapt to international ideals.

Ten-year old Andrew and 16-year old Angelina belong to a family of Christian Pakistanis that sought asylum in Thailand. Children of asylum seekers can attend school at Victoria Memorial, one of the two schools that provide education to children. The community is unlike other schools that you are familiar with. It is located in a rundown one-bedroom apartment building in the outer area of Bangkok.

Twenty-five children attend school from 9AM to 1PM. Even with the threats of an immigration crackdown, Victoria Memorial tries to create a normal life for the children in a city that is far from home. The school which is housed in a narrow alley of a deep sub soi is away from prying eyes. Two teachers with one of them having received refugee status teach the children English, Urdu, science, math and the Bible.

In spite of the cramped and humid conditions inside the classroom, the teachers made the effort to fit it with a whiteboard, computers and chairs. Learning is a challenge when there is no table to write on but the children are all smiles which is a positive indication that there is a temporary escape from the uncertainties of living in a country where their families are not recognized as asylum seekers.

Andrew and his sister Angelina hopes that the United Nations will understand that repatriation to Pakistan is not the best solution because Christians are being prosecuted. Christian Pakistani families will only return to Pakistan if the UN can guarantee that their lives will not be threatened.

Children studying in international school in Thailand have so much to be grateful for. The international school provides them with the right books and equipment as well as peaceful environment that motivate learning. The children receive diverse and engaging education to ensure that they are properly prepared for higher education.

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Why Singapore-Based Companies Need To Outsource Payroll Processing

There are situations when a company has to decide between payroll outsourcing service or in-house payroll processing to save on costs. Many consider outsourcing as more expensive but they fail to consider the advantages that can be gained like compliance with federal, state and local regulations in payroll computations.

Under certain circumstances, a better solution for Singapore-based companies including those with operations in the ASEAN region is to outsource payroll management to professional firms. While HR personnel can monitor regulatory changes in Singapore and Southeast Asian region, if the personnel responsible for payroll processing is absent or suddenly resigns from the job, the company loses the expert knowledge of the regulations that have to be followed in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

When a Singapore-based payroll outsourcing provider is chosen, there is continuity in compliance because regulatory knowledge is not dependent on an individual. Outsourcing is very important to new companies that are unfamiliar with the local labour regulations in Singapore and ASEAN. SME’s can save money through outsourcing because they will have access to advanced automated payroll software without entailing extra costs.

Compliance and the reduction of payroll-associated risks are the main reasons why Singapore-based companies prefer to outsource payroll. Outsourcing providers have staffs that specialize in being updated with the rules and regulations at the national, state, local and industry level including changes in withholding tax tables and social insurance deductions.

When companies outsource their payroll, they can streamline the HR department to focus on employer-employer relationship and other strategic employee management issues. Confidentiality and transparency is also ensured because employees are not aware of the salary details of the organization. There is greater risk of information becoming public if payroll processing is done in-house. All sensitive data are secure and only the top management and key decision makers are knowledgeable of salary details.

There is more transparency when a company works with payroll outsourcing service because mistakes can be reported immediately without the added complexities of inter-departmental reporting structures. However, companies must be extra diligent when choosing outsourcing providers to ensure that the resources are compatible and customized according to the company’s requirements.

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Procedures Involved In Enrolling For Outpatient Rehab Program

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a serious and chronic disease that affects the personal and work lives of the patients. Addiction should be treated properly like any other disease to help the patients come out of it. Rehabilitation centers are of great help to the patients suffering with addiction. They offer the necessary treatment and support for patients and help them to wean away from substance abuse.

The outpatient rehabilitation program is the most preferred program by most patients. The California Outpatient Rehab involves psychological and behavioral treatment to the patients in a rehab center. The patients are required to attend the different therapy and counselling sessions according to the given schedule. The outpatient programs are most suitable for patients who want to continue with their routine activities while attending the rehab program. It is suitable for patients in the early stages substance abuse and with strong determination to overcome it.

The process of enrolling for a California Outpatient Rehab involves some procedures.

  • The first procedure before you start the rehab program is screening and intake. The California Outpatient Rehab center will perform certain tests and devise a suitable treatment plan. The screening procedure helps them to determine whether outpatient treatment is sufficient to treat your condition or an intensive inpatient program is required. The tests determine the nature and level of addiction, general health condition, previous rehab treatments if any and the personal motivation of the patient to fight addiction. Once the facility confirms your eligibility for outpatient program, the patient has to register for the therapy by signing the consent form and providing personal and financial details.
  • The next steps are orientation about the goals and rules of the Outpatient Rehab center, assessment of the present condition of the patient and devising an appropriate treatment plan and drug testing before entering the clinic.
  • The actual treatment of the Outpatient Rehab starts after this stage. The treatment involves individual and group therapy sessions. The treatment involves education about the consequences of drug abuse, family counselling and support groups, twenty-four hour crisis management and close monitoring of drug abuse.
  • The final step in California Outpatient Rehab involves aftercare and support services. These services include forming support groups outside the clinic.
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Importance Of Audit Insurance And Points To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Policy

Insurance against tax audit is relatively a new product in insurance sector. The product is aimed at tax accountants who might sometimes make errors while preparing the returns of their clients, which might attract a tax audit. The insurance covers all the expenses incurred by the client to face the tax investigation.

The ATO picks up tax returns randomly for an audit. You may get a call from the tax office even if your returns are accurate and you have paid all your taxes. Claiming huge deductions and charitable contributions, conducting huge number of cash transactions, showing less income are some of the reasons a tax return may attract an audit procedure. Having the protection of tax audit insurance helps the accountants and their clients to complete the process of filing returns in a stress free manner.

Getting through the tax audit consumes a lot of time and money. The services of a huge number of professionals such as accountants, lawyers and accountants are required to get through a tax audit successfully. As audits take many years to complete, the costs may rise with astronomical effect. Opting for tax audit insurance covers all these expenses and takes off the financial burden.

While purchasing a tax audit insurance cover, keep the following points in mind

  1. All tax insurance covers are not the same. The definition of tax review changes from policy to policy. It is always advisable to go through the fine print of the policy before buying it. It will enable you to know the different types of scenarios, covered by the insurance policy.
  2. Some tax audit insurance policies only cover the accountant and not your business. Be careful while selecting a tax audit insurance policy and choose a policy that covers your business along with the accountant. This will help you to cover all the costs apart from the accountant’s charges.
  3. Most of the accountants offer tax audit insurance as part of their service contract. It protects the accountant and the client from the mistakes made while filing tax returns. Choose a policy that offers a good coverage depending on the size and nature of your business.
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