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South California Rehab Company Gets Clinic In Texas

Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN) a Southern California Rehab facility specialist has recently made a recent move in Carrolton, Texas, with the purchase of a new clinic in the Lone Star State.

Physical Rehabilitation Network LLC., a private physical therapy company based in Southern California’s Carlsbad, primarily operating Southern California Rehab facilities, though PRN is recognized as one of the leading rehab groups for the Western United States through its partnerships with notable physical and occupational therapists  across the Western half of the United States.

The company is actively looking for expansion opportunities, they are seeking out therapists and clinics, which is why they bought Elevate Physical Therapy clinic, located 1012 W. Hebron Pkwy, Suite 124, Carrollton, Texas. This new clinic is to operate under the Vista Rehab Partners brand, which currently has 17 outpatient rehabilitation clinics within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Clinic director Nisha Matthews, will remain in her current position in overseeing the facility.

A statement by PRN, released via their Regional VP, Craig Rettke, says that the choice to acquire Nisha and the Elevate Physical Therapy team is due to the fact that they align with Vista Rehab Partners’ corevalues in prioritizing customer service and patient care above all other aspects. Rettke says that Nisha is a valuable and wonderful new addition to the family and that PRN looks forward to her continuing leadership in the Carrollton community.

Matthews has a Master’s Degree in Manipulative Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy,  and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and is trained in several therapy techniques, with a total of 12 years of medical experience in Canada, Texas and New York.

The Elevate Physical Therapy clinic features a variety of physical therapy services including, but not limited to, orthopedic rehabilitation and workers’ compensation services. They also have specialized programs, such as Fall Prevention Programs, Core Stabilization Programs and the like.

CEO Bruce McDaniel, PRN, commented that PRN is excited to have the Elevate Physical Therapy clinic and Matthews joining the PRN family, reiterating the point expressed by Rettke, adding that her high standards are fitting for the PRN group, and something that they will work on and improve upon.

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ASEAN Media Trip Set To Advertise Myanmar

Tourists and visitors to any hotel in Myanmar Yangon should expect some media from across the region, as a week-long ASEAN media trip to the country has been arranged, which will take the participating media representatives to the country’s notable attractions, including the city of Yangon.

The Myanmar Travel Bloggers Club was responsible for organizing the trip, which will have 30 participating media representatives from leading networks and publications from the ASEAN region, such as Thailand’s Spring News, Malaysia’s New Straits Times, and Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Post, among others, as well as popular travel bloggers from these countries.

The details were revealed by Club Chairman Ma May Zune Win, who says that Myanmar has rarely used foreign media in its attempts to market itself as a tourist destination, with the trip being a good way to introduce the country to foreign media via seasoned representatives, who are regular attendees of travel events and exhibitions, before coming up with a tourist marketing strategy for the country.

The conflict in Myanmar’s Northern Rakhine State has scared off more than few Western and European visitors, with local tour operators adapting by focusing on the ASEAN region as their main target. According to Ma May Zune Win, it’s because Myanmar knows the situation within the ASEAN region well, with direct air link and no VISA requirements for entrance.

Ma May Zune Win says that it’s not important where the visitors hail from, only that they come into the country, sign into a hotel in Myanmar Yangon or anywhere else, and fill the hotels.

The trip has not received any official support from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, nor from privately-owned travel groups, but Ma May Zune Win says that groups like Shwe Pyi Nan Myanmar Thanakhar are helping with the funding.

The familiarization tour will be aimed at more countries the next time, with media representatives from other countries in Asia such Japan, and South Korea being considered.

With the lack of proper funding for overseas promotion, the Myanmar Ministry of Hotel and Tourism is planning on collecting taxes from travellers, amounting to US$1 for foreign travellers, and K1000 for domestic ones.

According to data from the Ministry, Myanmar welcomed 3.44M international visitors in 2017, up by 18% from the previous year, with 1.36M coming in with VISAs and 2.08M coming in via the border checkpoints.

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The Important Role Played By Removalists

Furniture removalists take up a lot of challenge every time they do their work. For the regular person, all the lifting and the moving around tight hallways can be such as hassle. This is why there are professionals such as removalists in Sydney that we can hire in times like this.

Injuries related to lifting are more common than you might think. You might think that picking up boxes and moving them is easier as long as you follow the theory that lifting should be done with the legs. When it comes to real life lifting, there is big chance that you might suffer a serious injury at the back especially lifting heavy household items such as cabinet, fridge, washer, bed or dryer. Unless you have the strength required to move the items, you are setting yourself up for an injury. In order to avoid this unfortunate incident, contact professional removalists to do the job since they have been trained to this type of work and their body is prepared for such activities.

During a removal, getting things done as fast as possible is one of the main goal and this is not possible if you do it on your own. This is where furniture removalists are best at because they can handle the packing and moving while the homeowner does other things they have to deal during the move. In the end, a lot of time is saved because these professionals are trained to pack and box items and move them with efficiency to avoid damages.

A local removalists knows the area really well thus the drive from your old home to the new one will be easier. They know things such as tolls, school zones and height limits for certain vehicles. Theseroadblocks can be avoided with the local knowledge of a professional who has been driving around for their clients.

Lastly, hiring professional removalists in Sydney will help take the stress off from the homeowners which can lead to damages. They can pack and move items with precision since they have been doing it many times. This way, there will be no damages to furniture and household items. Reputable companies also have insurance which is necessary to avoid trouble.

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Thai Government Supportive Of Marine Industry

If the reason for your travel to Thailand is to experience diving in the Similan Islands, your best option is Thailand liveaboad that allows you to spend a few days enjoying a dive life. Aside from an experienced dive guide, you will enjoy amenities similar to what 5-star hotels in Bangkok offer. You will never regret the decision to experience liveaboard because it is once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

According to Vrit Yongsakul, group managing director of Boat Lagoon Yachting, the yacht industry is expecting a 10% growth rate this year. The yacht sector in Thailand is currently undergoing fundamental changes in facilities, infrastructure and public understanding of yachting as a sport. The Thai government has also reduced the import taxes on boats over the last ten years.

Thailand is fast becoming a boating haven. There is greater of understanding of the boating culture due to expertise gained from abroad. At present, there are 150 yachts in Thailand. Some of them stay in the islands for an average of 2 months. A day of stay in Thailand cost more than 100,000 baht per person.

According to Boat Lagoon Yachting that is also providing boat charter services and after-sales services for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Maldives, the prices of boats range from 20 million to 4 billion baht. The company managed to sell 30 boats last year with a growth rate of 10% to 15%.

Thailand has the most extensive maintenance facilities in Southeast Asia because the government is supportive of marine tourism. However, in spite of Thailand’s edge over other countries in terms of facilities and infrastructure, there is still competition. To cope up with competition, there must be improvements in repair and berthing facilities to attract more superyachts to come to Thailand. The government is on the process of reviewing various formalities to simplify licenses and visas to attract more charters to the region.

Government support for marine tourism is good news for Thailand Liveaboad that provides tourists a vacation they will never forget. The Similan Islands is considered as one of the best dive sites in the world because of the abundant marine life, white sandy beaches, living corals and underwater treasures of the Andaman Sea.

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The Broadening Potential For Aerospace Students In Texas

Obtaining a TX Tax ID is one of the processes that a business or entity needs to complete to be able to engage in various activities that are related to the business. The good thing is application for Tax ID in Texas was made efficient through downloadable forms. After the application has been completed, the business or entity only needs to wait for the delivery of the Tax ID through the email provided.

Students who are taking aerospace engineering from the University of Texas are very likely to remain in the state and work with NASA or government contractors, startups and other technology advanced organizations. According to David Daniel, deputy chancellor of the University of Texas System, there are 1,000 undergraduates and 350 students taking up masteral and doctorate courses in Arlington and Austin.

Young people are interested in aerospace because it conjures up images of rockets and planes. However, in reality, the sector has expanded to include robotics, artificial intelligence, medical devices and more. Daniel said that students have to understand the broadening potential of aerospace. For example, the University of Texas has programs focused on composite materials and the recovery of oxygen from carbon dioxide.

Researchers at Texas A&M University are currently examining supersonic flights and creating food that astronauts can eat while on space. At Rice University, students are taught about space policies. The job market of Texas will be more demanding because of the prevailing shortage of pilots, mechanics and people who can operate and maintain aircraft. This is the reason why children are being encouraged towards a career in aviation which will keep them engaged in the future.

In order for Texas’ general aviation sector to stay competitive, there are suggestions to eliminate sales taxes on goods and services that are aviation-related. Other states have eliminated their sales taxes.

There are lots of opportunities for businesses in Texas because of the presence of NASA, academic institutions and the strong energy sector. However, it is important for businesses to acquire TX Tax ID when they intend to hire employees or operate as a partnership or corporation. Obtaining a Tax ID is an efficient process that can be done online.

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