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Gifting Money For A Wedding

You might be racking your brain for the best wedding gift ideas in the upcoming event you are going to partake in and find yourself on a dead end. Should you gift something they can use at home, a personalized gift such as a word art canvas or just give money to the couple? If you plan to give money as a gift, the amount will depend on how much you know the couple. According to a survey to Canadians, they think that $147 is the average amount guests should give.

Ipsos’ recently concluded poll shows that 51 per cent of Canadians think that the acceptable cash gift for wedding couples should be between $100 and $199. Majority of them thinks that this range is an acceptable amount while many believes that spending less is the way to go.

According to president of The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, Danielle Andrews, it has been a trend in the past several years for wedding guests to give cash gifts instead of buying material things for the couple.

She added that it is not common these days to see boxes of gifts being given at a wedding ceremony. Majority of the couple who decide to marry may have been living together for a while and the guests knew that they might have majority of the things they need inside the house.

Andrews clarified that there is no right amount when it comes to gifting money. Many guests are basing the amount of their monetary gifts on the cost the couple may have spent in order for them to be included in the list. The average cash gift is between $100 and $200 for every guest.

Once you receive a wedding invitation, make sure to read if children are accepted to the party. If they are, you can add between $50 and $75 to the monetary gift you are giving in order to cover for the plate of the child during the wedding party.

Andrews said that it is expected that family members will be able to give more but it is not mandatory especially if it is not within the financial capability of the guests. There are also other wedding gift ideas they can come up with such as a personalized word art or other customized item the couple will surely love.

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Vienna House Partners Up With Absolute Hotel Services

A new joint partnership is set to make its mark on the tourism industry in Asia and Europe. The partnership is set between the Austrian Vienna House, and the Thai Absolute Hotel Services Group. This new partnership will see the establishment of more hotel near BTS and Asia under AHS’s branding, and new hotels in Europe under Vienna House’s operations.

Vienna House is an Austrian hotel group that originally started out under the name of Vienna International Hotelmanagement, during its founding on 1989. Following years of operation and growth, the independent hotel chain is now Austria’s biggest, employing over 2,200 people, and operating 32 hotels in 8 different countries across the world.

Meanwhile, Absolute Hotel Services is one of the fastest growing hospitality management companies Asia. AHS’s headquarters is located in Bangkok, Thailand, with regional offices in countries like Indonesia, Hong Kong, and others.

The two companies have similarly positioned hotels, all of which carry their respective company’s reputation of delivering quality service with the culture and hospitality of the company’s respective home countries.

Currently, AHS manages 22 hotels across Asia, with 12 of them encompassed by the award-winning U Hotels & Resorts brand. AHS is set to expand the U Hotels and Resorts brand, with at least 13 additional hotels set to open in the near future.

Under this partnership, both companies are set to assist one another in expanding their reach across Europe and Asia; in Bangkok, Vienna House’s Asian office will handle the growth of the group in the region, with full support from AHS. Meanwhile, the Vienna House European office will handle the expansion of AHS’s U Hotels & Resorts in Central Europe. Part of the partnership plan is the completion of around 3 new projects per year, focusing on city and resort hotel developments.

Both companies have the BTS Group Holdings, the majority shareholder for Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain system, and is one of the country’s largest publicly listed companies, meaning that a new hotel near BTS is a likely outcome of this new partnership.

The initial talks are well underway, with ideas for projects in Bangkok and Vietnam.

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City Golf Club With Wedding Caterers In Sydney

Sydney-based Char Catering is no longer the food caterer of Toowoomba City Golf Club. This news was confirmed by Peter Constance, venue general manager of the club, as emphasized by an unknown worker from The Chronicle. Mr. Constance disproved any claims that City Golf Club owed the caterer any sum of money, calling it a mere fabrication. So why not hire wedding caterers in Sydney for a more fruitful experience with food.

“While it’s true that there was a mutual agreement between Char Catering to stop their current contractual arrangement after the three-months probationary period; the golf club didn’t owe any money from the caterer. This information provided by The Chronicle is falseand a mere fabrication,” he said. “Char Catering provided finances for electricity, maintenance, and marketing expenses for each month.”

Char Catering finished their work at the club today, according to an unknown employee. “Yesterday was the caterer’s last day; where they resigned two weeks before. They were actually not making money for the club which was stipulated in an agreement they signed earlier,” she said. They should have hired wedding caterers in Sydney to provide more good food.

Another employee reached The Chronicle, saying nearly twelve people were fired by the transition. Mr. Constance renounced these claims, saying the club hired 28 people to jumpstart the new catering business. Jobs with the catering service is all based on performance and we carefully look at all applications based on merits,” he said. “There wasn’t enough staff to move around previously so we added more people, both old and new.“Only five left, and for some, they chose to go with Char Catering in Greenbank.” It should be a good start for wedding caterers in Sydney to expand.

City Golf Club is out on process for an expansion, with the club going through a recruitment drive just after Christmas headed by chef Bernhard Kohlhuber. They also posted ads for hiring new waiting and kitchen employees.

“The new chef is trained in Europe and will lead the team for an awesome future in our catering business,” Mr. Constance said.Customers expressed their frustration at how service was done, with one diner showing concern about the prices and lack of salad bars.

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Protect Your Home With Pest Control In Brisbane

Summer can be so much fun with longer days, cooler breezes and warmer nights. It’s also great for beach holidays. Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is renowned for its splendid summers. However, the downside of having great weather is the infestation of pests and termites. It can greatly affect a home. It may require more repairs and replacements if the pest infestation is not immediately cured. That’s why you need pest control in Brisbane to attend it to.

We all know that pests are always part of everyday life; however, the last thing we expect is having them dwelling in our homes. Below are some tips to keep you away from the menace while you enjoy a wonderful time with family:

  • Check your door and windows screens.

These structures of your house may have holes, gaps or tears which need to be thoroughly checked. Also check the door frames. Have them fixed immediately so pests infestation can be avoided! Add stoppers to doors with gaps from the frame to the floor.

  • Clean-up the Outdoors

Remove any areas where water can pool and get stagnant. Do away with unwanted timbers and leaf piles. Also replace leaking taps. It should minimize infestation of pests and insects. You may wish to have it checked by a pest control in Brisbane that specializes in this field.

  • Do clean up your indoors

Remove the clutter if there’s any inside. Clean out kitchen cupboards. Clean and remove excess or opened food in the fridge. Also do regular cleaning of your dishwasher. Throw garbage in bins, and once empty, wash them thoroughly to avoid incoming pests harboring on this area.

  • Use a trusted pest controller.

Ensure your home is free from pests and termites all year round. Also keep insecticide far from reach of your pets and children. Ensure your environment is safe and secure while keeping pests away.

If the pest infestation is a serious concern in your home, contact a reputable pest control in Brisbane to do the job. You can arrange for an appointment of visits in your home maybe twice or thrice a year. Remember, they keep the pests away from bugging your you and your home. So it is wise to invest in their services too.

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Advances In Technology To Usher In The Second Age Of Aluminium In The 21stCentury

Aluminium has been around for as long as you can remember. In the 1880’s aluminium was considered to be more precious than gold because of the difficulty to produce the metal in its purest form. Since then aluminium has become an integral part of daily life in some form or another. Aluminium is widely used in the manufacture of airplanes, vehicles, currency and substrates for electronics.

Aluminium has become a very versatile metal and has evolved into more interesting and new applications from being the foundation of infrastructures to oil and glass cleanup. The uses of aluminium grew at an exponential rate with the certainty that the metal will usher in the 21st century Second Age of Aluminium.

One of the new ways with which the benefits of aluminiumare being harnessed is in the form of Surmet Corp’s ALON Optical Ceramic or otherwise known as optical aluminium. It is very likely that you have heard of the term in a Star Wars movie but in this case, Surmet developed an aluminium-based ceramic that is strong enough to withstand the pressure of a .50 calibre armour-piercing bullet at close range. Surprisingly, transparent aluminium is lighter and thinner than the typical bullet-proof glass sold in the market.

The key to ALON’s technology is aluminiumoxynitride/ceramic powder that is heated to a high temperature so that the material will liquefy. Afterwards, it will be cooled rapidly to scatter the molecules and left frozen while in a scattered state. The process provides transparent aluminium with strength and scratch resistance similar to the hardness of sapphire.

Transparent aluminium can be moulded into nearly any shape and subsequently polished and sanded to generate a glass-like quality with incredible clarity. The end-result is an astounding material that can be used for applications in space/aviation, military, environmental and transportation industries.

Aluminiumis a highly versatile material that has numerous applications in homes and buildings. You can use aluminium in Thailand for various applications like windows and door frames that require effortless and minimal maintenance, aluminium carports in cutting-edge designs, garden rooms to enjoy the beauty of the environment and curtain walls as outer cover of a building.

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