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Canvas For Charity – Alberta Canvas Printer Auctions To Support Sexual Violence Victims

It’s always good to hear when businesses step up in order to provide a helping hand towards its customers, signifying a desire to provide more for their community, and rewarding the trust its customers put into them.

In the town of Vermillion in Alberta, Canada, one of the best canvas prints from B.C. Photo, dubbed the ‘Old GMC‘, is being auctioned away, in order to drum up support and funding for the LSAIC (Lloydminster Sexual Assault and Information Centre). The endeavor has turned the company’s canvas print into a symbol for the cause.

The owner of company, one Ms. Bree Patterson, who also happens to be the primary photographer for the Alberta company, collaborated with Elevation, for the Photo For A Cause Online Auction, an online fundraiser. Whilst, as a fundraiser, its aim is to raise funds for the LSAIC, it is also designed to create a starting point for discussions about the sensitive topic of sexual violence.

The LSAIC was established in order to intervene and give aid to people suffering from sexual violence, regardless of age and gender. The LSAIC covers a notably large area for an organization of its structure, covering a radius of 200km from their headquarters in Lloydminster.

Ms. Patterson has stated his beliefs about discussing sexual violence, that it is a topic most people are afraid to discuss, and that people also erroneously assume that men are not victimized by sexual assault. He states that organizations like the LSAIC and their causes are worth supporting, and it is important to do so when people tend to simply brush such issues aside.

According to data released by the Alberta Sexual Assault Services shows that around 40% and approximately 10-20% of women and men, respectively have been victims of sexual assault since their adolescent years (around the age of 16). Disturbingly, the data also stated that more than half of Canadian women and a third of Canadian men have encountered sexual abuse in their childhood years, one way or the other.

Ms. Patterson has stated that she sees the auction as a great way to be involved in a crusade she finds worthy, a great way, she thinks, to start off the year of 2017.

The ‘Old GMC’ print was selected from the company’s best canvas prints, and was chosen for its general appeal. Patterson herself has stated that the print blends well with other pieces and fits a lot of aesthetics.

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What Does It Take To Become A Waitress In Sports Bar In Hong Kong

If you are planning to apply for a job in a sports Bar in Hong Kong, you should know that the job can be challenging although it has its perks too. The job may be challenging but so is the rest of the jobs out there so do not let those challenges keep you from applying in a sports bar around Hong Kong. Just take note of the following tips to make it in the field.


A waitress or sports bar personnel who face customers should be confident enough to communicate confidently with customers. She should be willing to familiarize the menu and the drinks being served in the sports bar as some customers might be asking questions about these. Waitresses are expected to behave in a friendly yet professional manner, not shy but not too overconfident to be loud. Be casual and accept and give friendly jokes every now and then but learn how to draw the line.

Strength in character

To work in a sports Bar in Hong Kong means getting exposed to drunken customers and noisy crowd every now and then. It may not also be unlikely for you to be subjected to harassments and insults so you need to be strong to be able to handle different types of customers. Learn how to be firm without insulting the customers and learn how to draw the line between being friendly and acting flirty.


Most sports bar do not run out of customers because most major leagues run for several months and they normally overlap with other game events. Thus, you can expect to have customers the whole year round and there may be no days called low or off season. There would also be days when sports Bar in Hong Kong would be packed with customers especially during semi-finals to finals so you should have enough energy and stamina for every working hour. With these challenges, you would really need utmost dedication for your job to be able to survive in a testy work environment.

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How To Find Condo For Rent In Pattaya

You can find a condo for rent in Pattaya from different sources. By utilizing the search engine, you can easily be lead to property sites such as where you can choose properties suited to your needs and lifestyle. If you want to rent a condo in Pattaya, not only will you find the property, you will also find expert real property agents who will assist you in the process. Some of the best sources of property information include the following:

Government offices

The local property registrar’s office is one of the best sources of property information around Pattaya. You can also find relevant information from other government offices such as the assessor’s office and property tax office are also excellent sources of properties on sale or for rent.  Government offices have their own website that you can browse to find the right property for you.  

Real property agencies

You can also find a condo and other properties in Pattaya by visiting the websites of real property agencies or real property sites such as Coordinate with a real estate property agent to find out how you can be assisted with your needs and how you can get a budget-friendly property around Pattaya. You can ask for a list of properties or you can also provide information on your preferred property type. Inform the real estate agent up front of your budget to save time and effort in looking for properties. Try to be honest and straightforward to the property agent for him to be more accurate in providing a list of properties that you can check. Come up with a shortlist and weigh your options to end up with the most suitable condo for you.

Ask your local network

Friends from the area are also good sources of information for properties in Pattaya. You can also check from property sites such as and ask your local friends or friends who are living in the area if the property is worth your money. This is important if you are currently not in Pattaya.   

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