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Chinese Investors Shifting Their Strategies In NYC

When real estate agent Geovanna Lim’s client signed a contract for a $3 million condominium development in Midtown Manhattan more than two years ago, the deal was rather easy to get for the Chinese national who agreed on a $300,000 down payment without a mortgage contingency.

During the later part of 2016, the developer was able to obtain a temporary certificate of occupancy and started with closings. However, Lim’s client faced a critical issue with China’s new strict capital controls that took effect last January 1, 2017. In order to control the massive amounts of Chinese investments in foreign countries, the Chinese government required that citizens who will purchase real estate abroad have to sign documents that the property will not be used for investment purposes. Real estate purchases will be allowed for travel or education.

According to Lim, her Chinese client did not have enough time to bring his money out of China and he is scrambling to find a way to move $2.7 million from the Mainland to the US so that he can fully pay for the condominium. Remember that there is an agreement regarding mortgage contingency and nobody predicted that may require financing two years later.

New York real estate is considered as a safe haven by Chinese investors as well as investors from all over world. Less than two months before the Chinese policy, buyers started to move away from trophy pads and luxurious condos. Their attention is focused on value-oriented deals because they have less cash on hand and they need to turn to banks and private lenders.

While Chinese investors still have a lot of buying power, they are becoming more creative when it comes to financing deals. Extremely wealthy buyers were able to get their money out of China even before the new policy and large amounts of investments have already been parked on high-end condos in New York over the past years.

A condo for sale in Hua Hin is an investment opportunity that you should not miss. Hua Hin continues to be developed in a leisurely way so that a visitor can still experience its old charm and unique identity. Since Hua Hin boasts of an affordable lifestyle, it is the perfect setting for your second home.

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Exciting Things To Do In Koh Tao Villa

You did not travel all the way to Thailand and booked a reservation at a Koh Tao villa to sleep all day. You went to Thailand because you are in for a great adventure. To ensure that you will have an unforgettable Thailand holiday, list down the activities that you want to do while on vacation. Make an itinerary including your activities ahead or before your scheduled trip. It would also help if you will do a research on the offered activities in your target hotel including the entertainment amenities that the place offers. Here are some activities that you can engage in while in Koh Tao.

Indoor recreation

If you love to stay indoors and while enjoying the hours away, you can make use of the in-house facilities found in a Koh Tao villa. You can do a few laps in their swimming pool or have a rejuvenating Thai massage in their wellness spa. You can also grab a book and lounge in their sun deck or get some tan therein. If you are in for some drinks or cocktail, order a margarita and find new friends in their bar. Sun decks or balconies are also excellent for star gazing at night or for romantic dinners with a loved one.

Water adventures

A place as breathtaking as Thailand, you will definitely not run out of things to do especially when it involves water and beach activities. You can go on fishing or diving trip, an island hopping arrangement or enrol in diving lessons. If you love the mountains, you can also go on a trail hike or mountain climbing activities. Better yet, you can just enjoy the calm waters of the beach and its white powdery sand.

Health and relaxation

One of the major reasons why people go on vacation is to get full relaxation and to be revitalized. To attain wellness and relaxation, enrol in yoga lessons while in a Koh Tao villa or you can arrange for an in-suite full body traditional massage for your blood circulation and to relax your tense muscles.

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Vespa Scooters Might Be Disappear In The US And For Unexpected Reasons

A new discovery is now causing a stir in the market because of the hormone-treated meat. It turns out European motorbikes are not doing well with hormone-treated meat most especially for the Vespa brand of scooters. It is known that in the current market of the United States, wasp is in danger of being wiped out soon despite the fact that it is considered an icon in many regards.

There is an ongoing dispute with the Italian scooter together with other brands of European motorcycles that are measuring 51 to 500 cubic centimetres. These items are to be charged double than the usual when it comes to customs duties. What is ironic is that the dispute is not something of a recent issue such as the election of President Donald Trump into the White House but rather something that is twenty years old already. It started with the BSE crisis or what is popularly known as the mad cow disease. During these times, the European Commission decided to ban American beef that are treated with hormone to enter.

The issue seemed to have died down back in 2009 during the signing of both parties of the memorandum of understanding that is covered in the aegis of the World Trade Organization. It was only recently that the meat industry in the United States decided to request the Office of the United States Trade Representative or USTR, which is the governing body when it comes to international trade, to make some countermeasures in order for them to make up for the fact that the openings given by the European are still limited in a way.

With this, there is a chance that several products coming from Europe could face heavier duties and this includes motorcycles with maximum capacity of 500 cc. This is the sector where European manufacturers have been putting a lot of their money in the United States. Take into account that fact that there is only sole manufacturer that is American under the same market sector and that is Harley Davidson and the company has only one model on sale, the Street 500.

The truth is that because of the setting of American cities, the people are not forced to buy and use scooters for their daily commute unlike in Europe. This is why majority of local manufacturers are not concerned when it comes to this sector. The domestic demand is due mainly to consumers who are either Korean or Japanese. Europe, on the other hand, is putting much importance to its iconic models. While this is issue is still undecided, people can still buy at accredited Vespa dealers.

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Capturing The Attention Of Audiences Through Digital Signage

Because of the highly competitive environment for businesses, it is no longer enough to offer the right products and services to consumers. Businesses must make the effort to create a loyal following like a religion or a community. Without an enthusiastic following, a business simply becomes a commodity.

Companies like Apple and Harley Davidson have created a community that faithfully follows their brand. They do not just sell a product but a lifestyle that customers can adopt and identify themselves with. One of the ways to gain broad appeal is use eye catching digital signage that is fresh and immersive. This way, the business distinguishes itself from the competition.

How can digital signage create a community? Digital signage has the ability to scale to greater dimensions particularly if it has that “wow” factor. It gains the attention of people even from a distance and draws them in. A lasting impact is created for the brand in a very powerful way.

Successful brands do not just offer products or services; they create a story that will capture the imagination of consumers. Digital signage can be the medium used in the creation of a story that will resonate with the audience. Marketers must strive to educate their customers by providing them with stimulating and informative content.

Digital signage provides businesses with an opportunity to engage with their customers. Advanced touchscreen technology has been introduced to business so that they will have a tool that allows multiple interactions with the brand.

The best opportunities are provided by digital signage that contains unique and motivating content that can be shared by the target audience. When attention is gained by the digital signage, people want to share the excitement with family and friends and the content becomes a “must-see” experience that turns viral. Soon enough, prospective customers turn into a loyal and enthusiastic community.

Traditional marketing techniques and technology are successfully combined to create a unique signage that will capture the interest of audiences. Sydney printing and signage offers a wide range of options to provide a business the necessary visibility and competitive edge for a more affordable cost.

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The Possibility Of Lead Pollution From Home Plumbing Systems

When the Standards Institute of Israel was conducting tests on espresso machines, they found out that there were high concentrations of lead on tap water in some cities. After the discovery of high levels of lead on espresso machines, further test were conducted on thousands of units in coffee shops throughout the country including the importers and manufacturers of the machines.

It is unclear whether the source of lead pollution is the taps because it is difficult to determine whether all the drinking water in the areas concerned is affected. High lead content was found in the tap water of Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. Lead concentrations were several times higher than the accepted levels for drinking water that is set for European countries.

As a precaution, the Health Ministry advised people particularly pregnant women to reduce the amount of coffee they drink from espresso machines until further tests. However, a bigger problem is whether the source of lead is the espresso machines because with home plumbing it is difficult to see what is really happening.

In 2011, when samples were tested from 800 homes with old plumbing, they found deviations from the normal in 2% of the tests primarily related to hot water. The Ministry believes that the situation has improved considering the number of new homes that were built since 2011.

According to the Health Ministry, there is no problem with water sources. The problem may be in home plumbing which the consumer is responsible for. For many years, lead has been used in the production of water pipes until people found out about its dangers. Plumbers also know that it is prohibited to use lead pipes but there are still violators. Another possible source of lead pollution is municipal plumbing that is old and neglected with lead joints and welding.

The safety of the home plumbing system is very important that is why the choice for reliable plumbers is always suggested. Before allowing a plumber to work on the system, it is important to determine whether he is licensed and insured and if he is skilled and experienced for a particular task.

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Freak Summer Weather In Sydney

Australians are not strangers to the dangers of their country’s weather, but with the weather recently, those Sydney roof repairs are going to have to be put on hold.

NSW government has issued several warning for residents due to the tumultuous weather recently, with thunderstorms and hail marking the freak weather patterns. To exacerbate matters further, there have been incidents of fires at several areas, including Harveys Road.

According to the government, this summer is shaping up to one of the hottest in history, with a record of 35OC occurring over the span of ten days. This temperature breaks records set back in the early 19th century. Bizarrely, this high temperature was contrasted by a high amount of rainfall a few weeks, prior on February 7, with over 40 mm of rainfall, which is enough to account for one-third of the average rainfall of the month in the country, which sits around the 120 mm mark.

Further worsening things is the severe thunderstorms that strike, as well as the hailstorms that batter the country. Just recently, last February 17, a severe thunderstorm struck Sydney, resulting in the disruption, if not the outright emergency shutdown of several services in the city, including the city airport, and resulting in the city transportation being sent into disarray.

The freak thunderstorm has not only damaged government services and delayed transportation, but have also resulted in several reports of injuries and hospitalizations due to electrocution. In Rouse Hill, a man working on a Tallawong Road construction site was electrocuted when he touched construction equipment that was electrified by a recent lightning strike. The 36-year old was immediately hospitalized in nearby Blacktown Hospital.

Power to several areas in Sydney were also cut, with at least 5500 homes and business being affected. Emergency crews were also sent out to restore power to several areas:

  • MacArthur region
  • Penrith district
  • North-West Sydney
  • Illawarra

The worst of the weather seems to have passed, though the damage has been done, with reports of people dying in accidents brought upon by the horrible weather conditions.  The government has urged the people to stay in their homes and stay safe. At the very least, Sydney roof repairs are bound to spike in demand in the next couple of weeks.

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Saving Tips On Cairns Airport To Port Douglas Shuttle Transfers

In general, the transportation costs of Cairns airport to Port Douglas shuttle and back to the airport can be minimal. The good news is that you can even lower the costs with a few tips from the budget experts.   It is always a wise move to look for cheaper services but make sure that you will get the best value for your money. Remember that the cheapest service is not always the best. To be wise about your holiday expenses, always exercise due-diligence. Here are some helpful tips on how you can reduce your transportation expenses during your holiday in Port Douglas.

Do advance booking

When you book in advance, you save yourself from paying high taxi fares and transportation costs at the airport. The cost of taxi and transportation in general, is way higher in airports especially that tourists are not familiar with the regular rates in the area. Aside from that, when you book for a transportation service, you don’t have to compete with other passengers just to get a Cairns airport to Port Douglas shuttle. If you have a shuttle service waiting for you at the airport, your holiday becomes more comfortable and convenient.

Look for coupons online and web deals

There are discount coupons on the internet that you can make use of in order to cut down your expenses on Cairns airport to Port Douglas shuttle. Some companies for shuttle service offer discount coupons to attract potential customers to book with them. Before booking for a transport service, look for discount coupons online so you can use them when you place your reservation. There are hotels that offer free shuttle service if you book your accommodation with them.

Ask for shuttle service at your hotel

Another way to save money for Cairns airport to Port Douglas shuttle service is by asking your hotel if they have shuttle service. Some hotels offer free transport service and pick-up at the airport to their guests. As a bonus, hotels usually use high-end or comfortable vehicles to impress their guests.

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