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Encouraging Millenials To Appreciate Content Marketing

According to a generational study that was carried out by Yahoo, around 45 per cent of millenials think that the content marketing they see is not evoking their interest enough for them to share. What is worst is that content consumers nowadays are comprised mostly of millenials with a total of 82 million individuals. By the year 2020, millenials will have a total spending power of $1.4 trillion.

The question now is how to encourage this very important consumer group to care about content marketing.

The first trick would be trying not to market with them as if they are a part of the whole population. Millenials are more appreciative when they know that marketers are spending their time trying to discover more about them. The good news is that knowing them does not have to be on a personal level. It is only essential that the content created should be able to acknowledge the millenials – their age, culture, locations around the world and their interest. This as a result would create a response of more than 50 per cent, according to the survey conducted by NewsCred.

If you are creating something, do not just take into consideration things that are related to the content you are developing. Find ways to create deeper connection with the audience. According to the survey from NewsCred, 60 per cent of the respondents said that they will more likely share a content that is thought provoking while 50 per cent of them said that they will share things when the content is something aligned to their beliefs. Thus it is important to give more focus on the causes your brand support, the difference the company is trying to make and so much more. If you find yourself out of socially good content to publish then focus on something that will tug their heartstrings. The most important thing to remember is to get their attention and tap to them emotionally or mentally.

In making important content such as those that will be appreciated by millenials, it is important to hire the best content marketing agency in Australia.

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Will The Results Of The US Presidential Elections Affect Holiday Spending?

Although Christmas songs are not yet being played in retail stores, retailers are busy preparing for the holiday season. As we get close to the time of year when shopping becomes the most ideal activity, the United States is busy preparing for the presidential elections. After the elections are over this November, will shopping ease away the pain of voting for a losing candidate? Most will be disappointed but American traditions will not be affected by the drama.

Political uncertainty, voter anxiety and frustrations are not enough to diminish the fun of gift buying. This was the result of a recent survey on US voters wherein the majority stated that no matter the outcome of the presidential elections their planned spending for the holidays will not be affected. The survey was conducted by RetailNext inc. a market and consumer analyst that is based in California.

Any remaining angst over the elections will be over by Thanksgiving and consumers will start with their holiday shopping. 70% of Americans surveyed say that if Donald Trump wins it will not affect their holiday spending while 68% say the same if Hilary Clinton is elected president.

There is only a brief time that can be called as the calm before the storm before retailers will turn their promotional campaigns to full blast. However, this year, many retailers are making use of technology which will ensure sales throughout the year. Retail traffic counters or retail people counters will be employed to provide retailers with the information as to the number of people entering the stores. The counters will show traffic trends during peak and slow hours and how weather conditions can affect sales opportunities. The system will allow store managers to truly see how the store is performing and whether foot traffic is being converted into sales.

People of all ages are joining the trend for ugly Christmas sweaters, the favorite attire for annual office Christmas parties. Buy your ugly sweater today from so that you can join the contest for the ugliest sweater. Buy early so that you will have ample time to add more décor.

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Plastic Instead Of Aluminum For Reed Valves

Twenty one years, two brothers who did not have any formal technical training created a business that became famous in the world of motorcycles. Steve and Scott Tassinari created a better design for the reed valve that is used to control the mixture of fuel and air on the engine’s cylinder. Today, the company Moto Tassinari has become a leading global producer of reed valves as well as intake manifolds for the two-stroke engine aftermarket.

Steve who is the older of the Tassinari brothers is the creative technical brains behind the design of the reed valve. He tried the design on his own motorcycles and saw that it resulted to better engine timing, higher horsepower and better acceleration. When these performance enhancements are combined with the skills of a motorcycle rider, it will certainly give a big edge in racing.

The existing designs for reed valves made use of cast aluminum. After working long hours to perfect the design, the brother’s decided to switch to plastic. No one has ever done this before but the snowmobile loved the design because they saw the opportunity for better performance. The brothers went back to the drawing board to create a design that will survive the harsh environment that motorcycles are exposed to.

From their hard work, the brothers were able to develop a new design, the V-Force 2 whose performance was greatly improved. In 2003, the next generation valve called the V-Force 3 was introduced. The valve did not require any maintenance and was ready to be sold to the market immediately after removal from the molding machine. V-Force 4 is now available in the market.

The Tassinari brothers proved that plastic can be used to produce reed valves instead of aluminum. Besides being better, the valves were more cost effective. Different companies have tried to copy the valve but no one has met the high level of performance.

The aftermarket is your source for motorcycle parts and accessories to upgrade your bike. Solo motorcycle parts are significantly cheaper than OEM parts but with high quality and performance. There is a huge selection of parts even for the most popular motorcycle brands.

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Preventing Stains On Upholsteries Even Before They Take Place

Advantage Chem-Dry which a franchise of Chem-Dry, a carpet and upholstery cleaning provider, has launched a new product in the domestic and commercial market for deodorizing and removing obstinate stains from upholstery. Upholsteries are usually subjected to different stains from lipstick, beverages, paint products and permanent markers. These stains are stubborn but they can be removed through the application of Advantage Chem-Dry, a non-toxic stain removal that can permanently remove stubborn stains from upholstery, carpets and household stuff.

Daryl Olsen who is the proprietor of Advantage Chem-Dry has developed a preventive subscription to avoid persistent marks even before they take place. The product is proven effective for carpets and upholstery. A tough defensive coating is applied to cover fabric strands so that it can easily fend off different kinds of liquid and smudge-causing chemicals. The product also prevents stains from doing further damage to carpets and upholstery.

According to a healthy study, Advantage Chem-Dry is effective in getting rid of allergens and microbes that can be found in the corners of furniture. They are often trapped in upholsteries and carpets. These are the substances that usually cause respiratory problems in the workplace. If these allergens and microbes are removed efficiently, absences due to respiratory illnesses can be avoided. Advantage Chem-Dry has low moisture content so that it is not hazardous to humans and pets. The product is more suitable to homes and offices than other brands.

If the homeowner employs the services of professional technicians to clean carpets and upholstery, it is important to remove clutter and other household stuff prior to the process. This will allow the cleaning technician to see and clean all sides of the upholstered furniture. It is also advised to inform the technicians of existing problem areas so that concealed dirt and stains can be efficiently removed.

It is also common for upholstery to have unpleasant smells which air fresheners cannot remove. Experts from upholstery cleaning Perth will make sure that carpets and upholsteries will smell favorable without any unwanted odor. Upholstered pieces of furniture can be expensive and it is a waste of money to throw them away because of stains and unpleasant odor.

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What Thailand Imparts To The World In Terms Of Universal Healthcare

Thailand demonstrates that a well studied system and a committed leadership can boost health affordably. During the decade, the plan minimized infant mortality, worker sick days and in turn, lifted families’ burdens financially.

Thailand’s Universal Coverage Scheme of 2001

For most countries around the world, they are moving towards a universal healthcare. However, for many, it just remains a goal. Fortunately, Thailand’s leaders have successfully implemented a healthcare reform without it costing too greatly.

About 25 percent of Thais in 2000 were uninsured. Many people had policies but with incomplete protection. The country was in a crisis healthcare-wise. About seventeen thousand children aged 5 below died, and two thirds were from uncomplicated preventable infectious diseases. Twenty percent of the poorest homes fell to poverty due to own healthcare spending.

Then in 2001, the country launched their Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS). It was described as an ambitious healthcare reform done by a developing country.

The UCS spread to Thai provinces on the next year. It provided inpatient, outpatient and emergency care.

By 2011, the scheme already covered 98% or 48 million of the Thai population.

Thailand’s road to UCS

In January 2002, the UCS was already in every province. However, the comprehensive care took decades to get developed. Since the 70s, there was already free healthcare for poor families. The country had various Health Insurance (ประกันภัยสุขภาพ) schemes leaving a lot of people without coverage. The development of clinics, hospitals and staff to support this universal coverage took several years.

The challenge for any universal healthcare

Dr Sara Bennett who is an associate professor working at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health indicated that the challenging part for any universal healthcare especially in most developing countries is quality. While most healthcare funded by the government is free, it is inaccessible geographically. Aside from this, poorly trained staff are administering, and there are limited facilities.

Other countries’ move to universal healthcare

Other low income and middle income countries are also moving towards a universal healthcare. Bennett said that they are offering coverage to a lot of people. Numerous countries, according to her, are making notable steps towards this including those very poor countries.

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Weak Value Of Baht Resulted To Increase In Foreign Buyers Of Condos

There is an increase in the number of foreign investors who are planning to buy condos in the central business districts of Bangkok that are within the middle to upper class market. These for foreign buyers are mostly coming from neighboring Asian countries. The increase in demand is due to the Asean Economic Community which took effect at the start of 2016. Add to that the fact that baht continues to stay weak in the global market.
Due to the implementation of the AEC, the property developers in Thailand are now in a positive challenge to showcase their current residential projects abroad most importantly in countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Middle East, China and Singapore.
According to Nuttaphong Kunakornwing, the chief executive officer of SC Asset Corp, they have already plans to go on road shows to present their luxury condo projects in other countries within the year including Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These countries are chosen because of the trend that was witnessed last year in terms of foreign demand.
The company introduced their latest luxury project last year, Saladaeng Ond, and it has already accomplished a sales amount of 900 million baht coming from foreign buyers originating in other Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.
The CEO also revealed that the Saladaeng One condo units cost around 13 million baht each or 310,000 baht per square meter. Thirty per cent of the total customer target of the condo project has come from the foreign market.
Srettha Thavisin, the president of Sansiri, said that the demand for condominiums have increased especially for foreigners who are hoping to buy one with price target of more than 5 million baht.
It was only last year that the company was able to record 3.5 billion baht for their presales coming from foreign market. For this year, they are expecting to accomplish foreign presales of around 5 billion baht from its target amount for the whole year which is 42 billion baht.
If you are looking to invest in a property in Thailand, visit Find Thai Property for the list of available ones in the market.

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