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Recommended Exercises For HCG Supplement Dieters

HCG supplement an FDA approved slimming product which is considered as safe and effective. HCG contains all natural ingredients and is guaranteed to be formulated without synthetic components. To make the HCG drops even more effective, it is highly recommended to do some light exercises while taking the slimming product. It is also recommended to accompany the hormone with proper diet of 500-800 calorie allocation. An exercise is important because it will help firm up the body. You just have to remember that not all types of exercise are suitable for those who take HCG supplement. Heavy exercises are not advisable for those who are taking hormone supplements. Heavy exercises burn calories faster and you only have a limited supply of it.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are ideal for dieters who take HCG because it aids in firming up the body. Aerobic exercises are fun especially if you have friends to join you in your sessions. Aside from firming up the body, aerobics also help in keeping your body healthy and fit.

Regular walking

Walking is a suitable exercise for HCG supplement dieters. It tones your overall muscles and burns fats and the god news with walking is that you don’t need to spend anything for it.  Walk a few miles at least two to three times every week to get the best results. Avoid jogging and doing brisk walking for the meantime as it consumes a lot of calories.


Another great exercise for those who take hormone supplement is swimming. Take a few laps at least three times a week. Swimming is ideal for dieters because it does not consume many calories nor will it strain the body. Swimming also makes your bones stronger including your muscles.


Cycling can be the most fun to do because while cycling, not only will you have the right amount of exercise, you also get the chance to appreciate your surroundings and take in fresh clean air. It also improves the respiratory system including your back muscles and joints. If you love the outdoors, cycling can be the right exercise for you while taking HCG supplement.

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