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Australian Freight Industry Awards Welcoming Entries

One of the most awaited award ceremonies in the industry, the Australian Freight Industry Awards or AFIA, is held yearly with the organization of VTA or Victoria Transport Association. For 2018, the organization is proud to announce that transport companies in Perth many now send in their entries as registration is now open. The event is celebrated in honour of all operators in the logistics and freight industry. It is also a way for them to be rewarded with their outstanding efforts and the accomplishments they have received in the country.

AFIA is going to celebrate its 29 years since it began and for this year the sponsors are going to be Viva Energy Australia together with TWUSuper. The awards are one of the most prestigious in the industry therefore many companies are vying for it. VTA also announced that this year they are opening a new category which will award the best female in the transport sector that exhibited excellent leadership.

Peter Anderson, the CEO of VTA, said that the goal of the Australian Freight Industry Awards is to give recognition to transport operators all over the industry regardless of the sector and categories they are in. He added that they are going to add a new award which is called the Female Leadership in Transport Award to give praise to companies who are making steps to ensure that there is gender equality in the workforce and diversity among their employees.

Due to the addition of a new award, this year there will be seven awards to be given including the Investment in People Award to be given by Logical Staffing Solutions, the Personality of the Year Award to be awarded by Victorian Government, the Best Practice Safety Award from CMV Truck & Bus, the Young Achiever of the Year Award which Daimler Truck & Bus sponsored, the Application of Technology Award from Transport Certification Australia and the Waste & Recycling Award courtesy of National Transport Insurance.

Anderson is now encouraging transport companies in Perth and companies under the logistics and freight sector to register in order to become a part of the AFIA.

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Armenians Remember Their Carpet Making Tradition

For those who are worried about the fate of the centuries old tradition of carpet making in Armenia in this modern age, there is hope as twin sisters learned the craft starting when they were teens. They twins Haykanush and SahkanushStepanyan both learned the skill atGyumri which is known to be the second largest city in the country of Armenia. Everyone knows including the staff at Breath Easy Carpet Care how precious the art of carpet making in the country.

The teens are now 23 years old and employed by Tufenkian which manufactures wool carpets that are hand-knotted, hand-carded, hand-dyed ad hand-spun. Armenia features many arts but carpet making is something they are renowned for. Centuries ago, the art is considered to be a domestic craft done by housewives to give themselves a break from cooking, taking care of children and cleaning the house.

The Stepanyan twins are going to participate this coming summer in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. They recognize the intricate art of carpet making wherein after every row is finished, each thread strand is knotted to circle the warp threads therefore varying colors are revealed to make up the intricate design.

According to the Armenian Rugs Society’s president, HratchKozibeyokian, the traditional rugs used to be created for personal reasons by the weaver such as a gift, a dowry or a commemorative item. It was only in the 19th century that Armenian rugs were made for commercial use. During this time, women weavers are paid by merchants for every square inch they completed.

Kozibeyokian added that the industry of Armenian rug making today is stronger compared to the last few years. They refer to the phenomenon as a major revival. In fact, teachers all over the country are traveling to teach young women the ancient art as many were not able to learn carpet making at home. It is said that the tradition was broken but now it is back to life.

The communities of Armenian people are able to discover history through the stories told by the patterns on the carpets. It comes as no surprise that companies such as Breathe Easy Carpet Care are seeing a trend in Armenian carpets.

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Top Campaigns In Real Time Strategy Games

Who could forget the rise of the RTS game or real time strategy game Age of Empires which has been dubbed as the father of RTS? Almost two decades later, many RTS games have been released in the market and many are aiming to reach the same status as Age of Empires though its legacy may never be forgotten. To help new players, the best campaigns in RTS games have been pooled in one article.

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault is top on the list. There are four commanders in the story that will help in the Battle of the Bulge. Of the four, only three can be played by human players. Each of them has force driven by their personality and life story. What makes this game stands out is the meta-layer map’s level of difficulty. With this game, the spotlight is always on the battle. There are a lot going on that you would have to choose and strategize carefully in order to win this campaign.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak might not look like much. Many are hesitant to play the game because it might be just a second-rate version of the original but the campaigns included are actually decent. It has all the right elements that make the original game a personal favorite by some. On the default, players jump from one mission to another but it gives the player some time to gather their skills before launching another tough battle.

Battle Realms is third on the line because of the twists included in the storyline. Your peasants can be a part of combat units as long as they have leveled up and resources can be achieved by spending another in its place. Players can also switch from melee to range without a problem. While there are imperfections in the campaigns, it is still one of the most notable for 2018.

Last on the list is another real time strategy game called Emperor: Battle for Dune. It has the positive things an RTS game should have such as story presentation, depth of system, memorable characters and replay ability. The campaign offers a lot of risk because you are fighting against two houses controlled by AI in order to rule the Arrakis.

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Confusion Ensued Between U-Tapao Airport And EEC Projects

The management of the U-Tapao airport is planning to relocate the new facilities intended to be constructed which includes the third terminal. The new location will be near the EEC or Eastern Economic Corridor where the high speed railway will pass through. The train is intended to bridge three major airports in the country according to Leuchai Sri-eamgool who is the director of the airport. This is beneficial for tourists wanting to visit a rooftop bar in Rayong because the area will be more accessible.

As of the moment, land refitting is being conducted in Rayong’s airport after an announcement made by the EEC Committee which is led by the Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha. He said that the 6,500 rai will be taken away from the land area of U-Tapao which is over 16,000. The land is to be used by the EEC for their upcoming projects to be constructed.

The said projects include the high speed railway which will link the airports of Don Mueang, Suvaranabhumi as well as U-Tapao. U-Tapao is also expecting new structures to be constructed including an overhaul centre, a maintenance facility and repair area. There will also be zones reserved for cargo depot and the trading zone for tax tree items.

Because of the announcement, the proposed third terminal of the airport as well as the second runway will have to move to a new location but still within the airport compound, as explained by the rear admiral. Luechai added that the distance of the new location from the current airport structures is around 1.5 km.

Before the end of July, it is expected that the terms of reference for the said projects will have already been announced by the EEC committee. The projects will have a budget of more than 200 billion baht and auction winners are expected to be finalized in October.

Many establishments in the area are looking forward to these projects including the rooftop bar in Rayong because it is expected that the province will have a better skyline view when all of the constructions are completed.

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Oversupply Of Leather Due To Increase In Beef Consumption

As students, we never paid much attention to some of our subjects especially the ones we find boring including social sciences. Not everyone has the patience to absorb the lessons in sociology, anthropology and even economics. Everyone was so focused on finishing their business in order for them to earn a lot when they graduate. This is the same for the staff at CalTrend until they realized the importance of the lessons imparted in each subject matter.

Many would think that those subject matters are not as glamorous as others because they are not earning anything. Fast forward to today, we have found out that those subjects we used to ignore are actually going to be very essential when it comes to starting their own businesses. Every business must be well-versed with production, trends in the society and human behaviour in order to succeed.  To know the buying patterns of the consumer, one must make use of marketing strategies but this solution is only for short-term. Long-term tactic deals with trends as well as behaviours in order to create a bigger impact.

Many years ago, the past generations thought that it is not good to eat beef therefore the price went downhill while there is not enough supply of hides to cover the demand. This is quite the opposite of what is happening these days because many have accepted the practice of eating beef. As a result, we now have too many hides which can’t all be used up in the shoe manufacturing industry ever since the introduction of other materials that are used in making shoes.

By-products such as leather are very dependent on the technological innovation and the demand of the society. There are some that eventually collapsed because of the sudden change in trends while there are those that survived regardless. The supply chain is impact by the businesses involved in it. In the case of leather, CalTrend plays a big role because they are the ones using up the demand on order for the supply to continue rolling along with other companies producing goods made of leather.

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Thailand As Top Global Destination For Romance

In order to raise Thailand’s position in tourism global rankings, Tourism Authority of Thailand will be placing a stronger emphasis on the extremely profitable wedding and honeymoon travel segment. This is good news for wedding hotel in Phuket that offers different wedding packages for couples who are dreaming of a romantic and memorable event.

At the press conference during the opening of Thailand Travel Mart, TanesPetsuwan,TAT deputy governor for marketing communications said that Thailand is now the top global destination for romantic weddings and honeymoons. Several marketing and promotional activities are being planned in order to reinforce Thailand’s image as a global destination for weddings and honeymoons.

Most of the potential places for destination weddings are Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, Krabi, Trang, Trat, Hua Hin-PranBuri, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in North Thailand. Most of the destinations for romance travel are beaches with the exception of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

The objective of TAT is to increase romance travel visits at 5% of the total tourist arrivals in the country. Last year, 35 million visitors were welcomed at Thai airports. In 2016, 3.37% of all visitors to Thailand were connected to a romantic themed holiday that includes weddings and honeymoons.

Latest estimates for 2016 claimed that 1.1 million visitors were classified under the romantic travel category. Approximate revenue was US$1.65 billion or US$1,500 per visitor per trip. Weddings generated 104,000 visitors while honeymoons generated 990,000 trips. The largest single source of destination weddings to Thailand is India with 400 weddings.

Thailand is perfect for weddings and honeymoons because of the presence of many breathtaking locations that are perfect for weddings. Tailor-made wedding themes can be held on the beach, underwater or aboard a luxury ship. Thais are known for hospitality and friendliness that enhances the couple’s experiences.

There is a wide range of wedding venues like wedding hotel in Phuket that guarantees unforgettable experiences. Wedding planners are available to help you plan and prepare for the momentous day. Couples can opt for a traditional Thai wedding or a Western-themed wedding and other individual wedding packages that will meet the couples taste and requirements.

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Ohio Economic Development Bill Approved

Ohio Representative John Rogers, D-Mentor-on-the-Lake, has just managed to score a victory on the legislative floor with a new economic development bill that’ll get the attention of anyone with an Ohio business tax ID.

The proposed bill, aimed at strengthening Ohio’s regional economic alliances, as well as fortifying the partnerships between the state’s local communities, got approval from Gov. John Kasich, with implementation set to start at the 31st of July onward.

According to a statement made by Rogers, Ohio should always be on the lookout for ways to improve business climate while allowing for a development friendly approach to improving the state’s economy and creating new jobs for people. He adds that the legislation is aimed at bringing industry leaders, people with Ohio business tax ID, together in order to see the benefits and challenges associated with regional partnerships with regards to economic development.

As part of the new legislation, an Economic Development Study will go around getting input from local participants, ranging from county commissioners and township trustees to city councils, among others, in order to create recommendations for business regarding the sharing of Ohio resources and services towards establishing a regional strategy for economic growth.

Rogers says that, by creating strong regional partnerships all aimed at creating jobs across Ohio, they can better focus efforts regarding economic development whilst maximizing the state’s resources and cutting down on tax spending.

The committee for the legislation will be bipartisan, with members from both the state House and state Sentae, as well as a chosen member from the governor’s office and six nonvoting members taken from the regional planning and economic development industries.

Rogers noted that, beyond allowing for more focus economic development for the state and for those with aOhio business tax ID, it’ll also allow cities and villages in the state to set a single property tax levy for fire and police.

Rogers says that he met up with both Democrats and Republicans, and they agreed that current Ohio legislations required a few changes to give cities and villages flexibility when proposing levies, that improving on public safety and services should not have to involve proposing two levies when one can suffice, which can lead to redundancies in cost.

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