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Holiday Gift Guide For A Cyclist

If you know someone who loves to go cycling despite the coming winter season and is planning to give them something this holiday then this article is for you. There are many trendy and latest cycling gears you can get in order to improve their commuting experience. These gifts will not only show how thoughtful you are but will also make sure that they reach their destination safe all the time. There are various products to choose from including jackets and turn signals which will surely make them look cooler and be safer on the road. Despite the help of these smart devices, one must always remember that nothing beats a focus mind and common sense in making sure road accidents are prevented.

  • Replaceable Fix-it Sticks. The Fix-it Sticks might be in the market for a while now but the replaceable ones are the modern version. It will serve its purpose whenever an unexpected breakdown happens somewhere one could not get access to repairs easily. The sticks are made of metal and can easily be assembled into a T-wrench which is compatible in various types of bits.
  • Musguard collapsible fenders. Anything that is collapsible and does not take much space is worth having. This is the same with the collapsible fenders which roll up easily on one’s bike frame if not needed. When time comes that they need to use, they can easily put it back in place to make sure bikes and rider’s pants are protected from rain and mud splashes. For people who are into color matching, the product comes in various colors to match the bike.
  • Zackees Turn Signal Gloves. Hand signal might not be popular in automotive vehicles anymore but they are quite important for cyclists. This glove will help improve signaling by emitting a blinking light once the thumb and index finger clicks.
  • Switch cycling jacket. This type of cycling jacket is from Proviz’ Switch range. This is perfect for both daytime and nighttime use. One side of the jacket is purely reflective while the other side is high-vis or in black color. This will make sure that the wearer is visible whether day or night.
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Pope Francis Talks about Climate Change in Washington D.C.

There is no better endorsement for President Obama’s climate agenda than someone who is the source of immense of moral authority, Pope Francis. On the first day of his visit to America, the Pope called for further action on climate change. He said that it is now a critical moment of history and the problem should not be left to the future generation to solve.

Pope Francis reminded the people that they have a sacred obligation to protect the planet. Making a very rare speech in English to thousands of people gathered at the White House, the Pope praised the President for his recent proposals aimed at tackling the problems of air pollution. The Pope also made a strong pitch to battle climate change with specific reference to the President’s clean air initiative.

The environmental issue is a divisive one in US politics so that one Republican congressman boycotted the Pope’s speech in Congress due to the pontiff’s stance. All the Republican presidential candidates were against the action to tackle climate change because it will hurt the US economy.

The morning begun for Pope Francis as he emerged from the Apostolic Nunciature, the Holy See’s equivalent for an embassy. In his traditional white cassock, Pope Francis spent the first few minutes greeting well-wishers who were gathered behind the fence of the diplomatic complex. Afterwards, the Pope boarded a modest hatchback trailed by a convoy composed of large security vehicles. As they made their way to the White House, Washington streets were purposely cleared of traffic for the occasion.

At the White House, large crowds assembled at the South Lawn to get a glimpse of the pope. Approximately, 11,000 tickets were issued but the crowd was certainly more than that. The Pope was offered one of the most rare and respectful diplomatic ceremony that the US government provides visiting dignitaries. Following the military color guard and the playing of the National Anthems, President Obama welcomed the Pope with a brief remark.

After a private meeting with the US President, the Pope rode the specially outfitted jeep that was called pope mobile and greeted the crowd that lined the streets of Washington.

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Freak Summer Weather In Sydney

Australians are not strangers to the dangers of their country’s weather, but with the weather recently, those Sydney roof repairs are going to have to be put on hold.

NSW government has issued several warning for residents due to the tumultuous weather recently, with thunderstorms and hail marking the freak weather patterns. To exacerbate matters further, there have been incidents of fires at several areas, including Harveys Road.

According to the government, this summer is shaping up to one of the hottest in history, with a record of 35OC occurring over the span of ten days. This temperature breaks records set back in the early 19th century. Bizarrely, this high temperature was contrasted by a high amount of rainfall a few weeks, prior on February 7, with over 40 mm of rainfall, which is enough to account for one-third of the average rainfall of the month in the country, which sits around the 120 mm mark.

Further worsening things is the severe thunderstorms that strike, as well as the hailstorms that batter the country. Just recently, last February 17, a severe thunderstorm struck Sydney, resulting in the disruption, if not the outright emergency shutdown of several services in the city, including the city airport, and resulting in the city transportation being sent into disarray.

The freak thunderstorm has not only damaged government services and delayed transportation, but have also resulted in several reports of injuries and hospitalizations due to electrocution. In Rouse Hill, a man working on a Tallawong Road construction site was electrocuted when he touched construction equipment that was electrified by a recent lightning strike. The 36-year old was immediately hospitalized in nearby Blacktown Hospital.

Power to several areas in Sydney were also cut, with at least 5500 homes and business being affected. Emergency crews were also sent out to restore power to several areas:

  • MacArthur region
  • Penrith district
  • North-West Sydney
  • Illawarra

The worst of the weather seems to have passed, though the damage has been done, with reports of people dying in accidents brought upon by the horrible weather conditions.  The government has urged the people to stay in their homes and stay safe. At the very least, Sydney roof repairs are bound to spike in demand in the next couple of weeks.

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Saving Tips On Cairns Airport To Port Douglas Shuttle Transfers

In general, the transportation costs of Cairns airport to Port Douglas shuttle and back to the airport can be minimal. The good news is that you can even lower the costs with a few tips from the budget experts.   It is always a wise move to look for cheaper services but make sure that you will get the best value for your money. Remember that the cheapest service is not always the best. To be wise about your holiday expenses, always exercise due-diligence. Here are some helpful tips on how you can reduce your transportation expenses during your holiday in Port Douglas.

Do advance booking

When you book in advance, you save yourself from paying high taxi fares and transportation costs at the airport. The cost of taxi and transportation in general, is way higher in airports especially that tourists are not familiar with the regular rates in the area. Aside from that, when you book for a transportation service, you don’t have to compete with other passengers just to get a Cairns airport to Port Douglas shuttle. If you have a shuttle service waiting for you at the airport, your holiday becomes more comfortable and convenient.

Look for coupons online and web deals

There are discount coupons on the internet that you can make use of in order to cut down your expenses on Cairns airport to Port Douglas shuttle. Some companies for shuttle service offer discount coupons to attract potential customers to book with them. Before booking for a transport service, look for discount coupons online so you can use them when you place your reservation. There are hotels that offer free shuttle service if you book your accommodation with them.

Ask for shuttle service at your hotel

Another way to save money for Cairns airport to Port Douglas shuttle service is by asking your hotel if they have shuttle service. Some hotels offer free transport service and pick-up at the airport to their guests. As a bonus, hotels usually use high-end or comfortable vehicles to impress their guests.

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Protecting Your Business: Selecting A Good Insurance Cover For You

The business world is a very competitive and hard field. You have a lot of competitors aiming at getting clients and making their own business grow. When you are just starting, it can be very crucial. You have to not just invest money, you also need to sacrifice time and effort, sometimes working throughout the day and most of the night just to ensure that your business is gradually growing.

Setting up a business is a very risky endeavour. There are risks that you have to take to ensure success. As a business owner, you have to personally see to it that every aspect of your business works together to help the whole system. And as a business owner, you also have responsibilities that are solely on you. For example, you have to make sure that you pay the right amount of tax on time. Otherwise, you will be subjected to investigations that will take not just months but probably years. Moreover, these investigations can be very expensive.

Most businessmen nowadays avail of the tax investigation insurance cover that can greatly help them when they are being investigated. As insurance goes, they help you cover expenses when you are in dire need of help.

Being investigated nowadays is not a question of if but rather a question of why. It will definitely happen, just maybe later than the others. The government tax collectors are conducting their investigations more and more recently, targeting any kind of business – small, midsize or large. Whether you are paying all your taxes on time, you can still be subjected to tax investigations. Thus, it pays to be prepared when you are being subjected to these kinds of government actions.

So what are tax investigation insurance covers and how do these things work? Tax investigation insurance cover is a service that ensures that you are covered against all costs associated with representing your case should the tax collector agencies run an investigation on you. In short, the insurance covers all your expenses such as the fee of your accountant who will defend you when you are being investigated. Remember that being investigated can take a long time and can be very expensive. Thus, it is very important to avail of this kind of insurance. Protect you and your business. Remember that you have worked hard for it, so it is worth every penny spent on protecting it.

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How To Find Workflow Management Solution

In order to make your business a significant entrant in your industry, you need to be at par with the latest technology and workflow management solution to remain competitive or remain at the tp of your niche. There are different ways to manage a business effectively while utilizing your resources efficiently. One way is to modernize your systems or better yet, take a look at these ideas.

Utilize the right tools or software

There are different types of software and systems that you can use to increase your business productivity and to deliver services in an efficient manner. There are tools for workflow automation while there is software for business process management. Whatever your needs are, there is always an appropriate tool suitable for your desired results. You can start through identification of what your needs are or what are the aspects in your business operation that you want to put more emphasis on. After that, you can start your search for applicable workflow management solution that you can utilize.

Hire a professional trainer

One of the proven and effective ways to find solutions to your workflow management needs is to hire a professional trainer who will mentor and train your managers on how to develop workflow diagram, how to do resource management and will help your team members to understand how work automation works. You can find a lot of reputable trainers on the internet. Some of them even offer free trials just to let you have an idea if what they offer is the business solutions that you are looking for.

Sign up to continuing studies

If your team has already gone through workflow management solution courses, make it a point to enlist your teams to webinars and other online trainings for them to have an updated knowledge on the latest technologies that can benefit your business today.

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Recommended Exercises For HCG Supplement Dieters

HCG supplement an FDA approved slimming product which is considered as safe and effective. HCG contains all natural ingredients and is guaranteed to be formulated without synthetic components. To make the HCG drops even more effective, it is highly recommended to do some light exercises while taking the slimming product. It is also recommended to accompany the hormone with proper diet of 500-800 calorie allocation. An exercise is important because it will help firm up the body. You just have to remember that not all types of exercise are suitable for those who take HCG supplement. Heavy exercises are not advisable for those who are taking hormone supplements. Heavy exercises burn calories faster and you only have a limited supply of it.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are ideal for dieters who take HCG because it aids in firming up the body. Aerobic exercises are fun especially if you have friends to join you in your sessions. Aside from firming up the body, aerobics also help in keeping your body healthy and fit.

Regular walking

Walking is a suitable exercise for HCG supplement dieters. It tones your overall muscles and burns fats and the god news with walking is that you don’t need to spend anything for it.  Walk a few miles at least two to three times every week to get the best results. Avoid jogging and doing brisk walking for the meantime as it consumes a lot of calories.


Another great exercise for those who take hormone supplement is swimming. Take a few laps at least three times a week. Swimming is ideal for dieters because it does not consume many calories nor will it strain the body. Swimming also makes your bones stronger including your muscles.


Cycling can be the most fun to do because while cycling, not only will you have the right amount of exercise, you also get the chance to appreciate your surroundings and take in fresh clean air. It also improves the respiratory system including your back muscles and joints. If you love the outdoors, cycling can be the right exercise for you while taking HCG supplement.

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Aura: A Two-Piece Security System For An Entire Home

Earlier this month, Cognitive Systems made Aura public. Aura is a one-of-a-kind, two-piece security system which is able to detect motion in an entire house using wireless signals. The company has mentioned that its $499 security system is an alternative to the current devices for home security, one which steers clear of the privacy concerns from the always-on and internet connected smart cameras.

The two-piece security system of Aura

Aura has a couple of components: a hub and a tiny remote sensor which plugs directly to any wall outlet. The company suggested that every component must be placed at opposite sides in a home, as it offers coverage of things in between, regardless of stairs, walls or other obstructions.

The system makes use of patented spectrum analysis technology in order to discover motion when a person goes in an operational area. Aura will either send an alert to a home owner’s phone or activate a siren. Cognitive Systems has claimed that the motion detection of Aura is more accurate and reliable compared to the conventional security systems since it filters out the non-human movements, such as ceiling fans or pets. It also does not depend on light, so it operates during anytime in the day or night.

According to Cognitive Systems’ co-founder Taj Manku, when they realized that their technology is able to perceive motion through seeing how patterns in the wireless signals alter a home, they knew that they had something unique. With the use of radio frequencies, they offer a more reliable solution with the removal of false detections, according to Manku.

Aura will arm or disarm itself automatically during the time that an authorized user is going to leave or return home. Any additional authorized user, such as family members or nannies, can be added to its system through its Android or iOS application. At the time when these authorized users enter a home, Aura is going to know their presence and will not sound an alarm.

Summing up

With the arrival of these DIY home security systems, securing spaces like homes is already easier, cheaper and more efficient.

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Choosing Shower Screens For Bathrooms

Anyone is able to upgrade the look of a bathroom, and keep floors dry, with the wise use of a shower screen.

According to Catherine Smith, a Houzz New Zealand Editorial Staff, many people want to refresh a decor or do a total rebuild/upgrade in an existing bathroom but are confused regarding the need to use a glass. She listed the reasons for picking shower screens for utility and appeal.

Creating a sleek and no-sill floor

With the use of efficient hidden drains and flooring systems under the tile, a shower floor becomes a sleek continuation of a bathroom floor. A half wall, having no hinge hardware or door, disappears and makes a bathroom seem much bigger.

Smith suggested to pick a drainage system which butts up to a wall so that there are no hideous drains visible in a shower floor.

Joining tub and shower in a wet room

For those that love a separate tub and shower, a designer can be asked regarding a wet room.

With the use of that similar drain technology and floor, a shower does not have to get its separate sill and still be roomy as preferred. A glass wall, either with a sliding door or not, opens an airy room.

Making a small space bigger

Even in small bathrooms, a glass boosts a space, specifically when running a similar flooring through with no interrupting drain or sill.

Smith suggested to ask a glass installer regarding a no-clean finish to stop having bath shower screens be cloudy from shampoo or soap residue.

Creating a walk-through shower

For those that have space in a bathroom, better put the shower in the front and center than by the end of a bathroom.

Smith said to talk about the structural underpinnings to an installer in order to create a half wall and upgrade to a commercial strength glass, minimizing the need to add those distracting frames or columns.

Blurring the lines

A glass wall does not need to be transparent, it can also be turned into a feature that showcases a printed photograph of any desired scenery.

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