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Holiday Gift Guide For A Cyclist

If you know someone who loves to go cycling despite the coming winter season and is planning to give them something this holiday then this article is for you. There are many trendy and latest cycling gears you can get in order to improve their commuting experience. These gifts will not only show how thoughtful you are but will also make sure that they reach their destination safe all the time. There are various products to choose from including jackets and turn signals which will surely make them look cooler and be safer on the road. Despite the help of these smart devices, one must always remember that nothing beats a focus mind and common sense in making sure road accidents are prevented.

  • Replaceable Fix-it Sticks. The Fix-it Sticks might be in the market for a while now but the replaceable ones are the modern version. It will serve its purpose whenever an unexpected breakdown happens somewhere one could not get access to repairs easily. The sticks are made of metal and can easily be assembled into a T-wrench which is compatible in various types of bits.
  • Musguard collapsible fenders. Anything that is collapsible and does not take much space is worth having. This is the same with the collapsible fenders which roll up easily on one’s bike frame if not needed. When time comes that they need to use, they can easily put it back in place to make sure bikes and rider’s pants are protected from rain and mud splashes. For people who are into color matching, the product comes in various colors to match the bike.
  • Zackees Turn Signal Gloves. Hand signal might not be popular in automotive vehicles anymore but they are quite important for cyclists. This glove will help improve signaling by emitting a blinking light once the thumb and index finger clicks.
  • Switch cycling jacket. This type of cycling jacket is from Proviz’ Switch range. This is perfect for both daytime and nighttime use. One side of the jacket is purely reflective while the other side is high-vis or in black color. This will make sure that the wearer is visible whether day or night.
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Pope Francis Talks about Climate Change in Washington D.C.

There is no better endorsement for President Obama’s climate agenda than someone who is the source of immense of moral authority, Pope Francis. On the first day of his visit to America, the Pope called for further action on climate change. He said that it is now a critical moment of history and the problem should not be left to the future generation to solve.

Pope Francis reminded the people that they have a sacred obligation to protect the planet. Making a very rare speech in English to thousands of people gathered at the White House, the Pope praised the President for his recent proposals aimed at tackling the problems of air pollution. The Pope also made a strong pitch to battle climate change with specific reference to the President’s clean air initiative.

The environmental issue is a divisive one in US politics so that one Republican congressman boycotted the Pope’s speech in Congress due to the pontiff’s stance. All the Republican presidential candidates were against the action to tackle climate change because it will hurt the US economy.

The morning begun for Pope Francis as he emerged from the Apostolic Nunciature, the Holy See’s equivalent for an embassy. In his traditional white cassock, Pope Francis spent the first few minutes greeting well-wishers who were gathered behind the fence of the diplomatic complex. Afterwards, the Pope boarded a modest hatchback trailed by a convoy composed of large security vehicles. As they made their way to the White House, Washington streets were purposely cleared of traffic for the occasion.

At the White House, large crowds assembled at the South Lawn to get a glimpse of the pope. Approximately, 11,000 tickets were issued but the crowd was certainly more than that. The Pope was offered one of the most rare and respectful diplomatic ceremony that the US government provides visiting dignitaries. Following the military color guard and the playing of the National Anthems, President Obama welcomed the Pope with a brief remark.

After a private meeting with the US President, the Pope rode the specially outfitted jeep that was called pope mobile and greeted the crowd that lined the streets of Washington.

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The Strong Connection Between Architecture And Art

Ann Allison-Cote, photographer by profession, always sees something new in downtown Knoxville’s buildings depending on what time she passes the street or how she looks at them. She goes downtown and starts taking pictures of the Mast General Store on Gay Street and then proceeds to the World’s Fair Park before ending up in Old City. She takes photographs of the buildings but every time she does there is always a difference.

The images of Knoxville that Allison-Cote captures from her camera are sold at Liz-Beth Gallery. Customers select the photographs they want and have them printed on paper or canvas. Three of the giclee prints are now being sold for the benefit of Knox Heritage, a local preservation group.

Each of the 3 matted and unframed 10” by 15” prints depicts a different scene of the historic buildings in downtown Knoxville and sells at $85 per art work. From the proceeds of the sale, one half goes to the local preservation group. The three giclee prints include Jackson Avenue cityscape, a close-up of 400 Block Kress Building and a view of the rooftops along Southern Railway Depot on West Depot Avenue.

The fundraising campaign was actually an idea of Liz-Beth’s CEO and Knox Heritage supporter Bart Watkins who thought it fitting to get some great work to benefit a cause. The images taken by Allison-Cote are not just ordinary photographs but enhanced through various computer programs to make them look more “artsy.” Sometimes, she changes the lighting, the background or the texture or turns the image into a watercolor.

Allison-Cote’s work was noticed by Liz-Beth when her photograph of the Miller’s Building was framed as a gift to a friend. The employees’ inquired as to the source of the photograph and Allison-Cote told them that it came from her portfolio where you can see the connection between architecture and art.

Photographs can be transformed into works of art through the right technology. For example, Art Prints on Canvas are photographs that have been printed on canvas and laid out in different ways like gallery wrap or multi-panel canvas prints. After selecting the image you want to be printed, you can also choose the best layout that suits your taste.

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How Airbnb Helps Small Accommodation Providers To Market Their Services

Until recently, it was rather difficult for small accommodation providers like resorts, boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts and holiday apartments to market their services for short term stay. Traditional hotel chains and large resorts dominate the industry because they have the money to spend on brand marketing. However, with the internet, small accommodations are given easy access to the market for global travelers.

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people to unique travel experiences in more than 34,000 cities and 191 countries all over the world. Airbnb focuses on local travel experiences and encourages visitors to try and live like a local. Airbnb provides small accommodation providers with a global marketing platform to generate guest bookings.

Small accommodation providers usually engage specialist booking providers to market their properties but they have to pay a 15% to 20% commission. The properties are advertised in accommodation directories, brochures and print media. Hosts can list with Airbnb for free but they have to comply with Australian Consumer Law by avoiding false advertising and misrepresentation of property and price.

Airbnb also provides a booking platform where the hosts have considerable control. Hosts will set the availability of rooms, house rules and price of accommodation. Hosts can refuse an application for booking after viewing the guest’s profile even without stating a reason.

Various tools are provided by Airbnb to hosts that include reviews from members, verification of identity process upon arrival, on-platform member messaging to either the host or a guest and reservation requirements that the host can set up. As part of the efforts to enhance internet marketing, guests are requested to provide honest, genuine and accurate reviews which will not mislead other potential guests.

Airbnb provides online marketing services, bookings management, payment platforms and cover for property damage in order to increase occupancy in small accommodations and so that they will experience faster growth and increased profitability.

Sometimes, it makes sense to choose the smaller boutique resort in Chanthaburi instead of hotel chains. Boutique resorts are designed to provide a more intimate setting to guests with more personalized service to ensure that the stay becomes very pleasant.

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How To Find Bangkok Hotel Special Offers

Traveling means spending the money that you have probably saved up for several months. Unless, of course, you have a ready amount to finance your travels. But for people with barely sufficient money to travel but wants to enjoy and go on vacation, nevertheless, the travel reflex would be to find a good deal that would minimize his overall expenses. Finding Bangkok hotel special offers is not a daunting task. As long as you have the internet and an internet-ready device such as a laptop or computer, you are ready to hunt for exciting deals that would allow you to go on a vacation even with a limited budget. Here’s how you can get those deals:

Check booking sites

Booking sites are excellent sources of deals. These booking sites are engaged with different types of hotels and they basically function as the hotel’s third party booking agency for a minimal fee. They are among the insiders who are informed by the cheapest up to the most luxurious hotels in the industry of the current deals or discount. If you want to know Bangkok hotel special offers, booking agencies should be your go-to sites.

Ask for membership discounts

Look for membership discounts such as discounts given to particular professions. There are hotels that offer discounts to military personnel, professors and educators and all sorts of profession depending on the preference of the hotel manager. Ask the manager up front when you make a reservation. There are also hotels that offer discounts to returning guests. In other words, get as much information from the hotel on how you can possibly get a free upgrade or discount on your bill.

Visit hotel websites

Where else can you get the best and reliable Bangkok hotel special offers but from the website itself. The moment you get to the hotel’s website, look for the “deals” or “offers” tab and see what’s in store for you. You can also request for quotes especially if you are going to stay at the hotel for an extended period of time such as for a week or month.   

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No Matter If People Say Otherwise But 2017 Is The Year Of Email Marketing

Businesses that make use of online marketing know that more than 50% of visitors come from mobile. This means that more and more people are browsing sites through the Smartphone and not the traditional personal computers and laptops. Changes initiated by Google the make mobile SEO experience more favorable in 2017 is on point.

Google has recently announced that it will be penalizing websites with interstitials that appear in a separate browser window while the user is waiting for a page to load. Many users have complained that interstitials tend to slow down access to destination pages. Instead of going straight to the site, there is an obstructing pop-up or distracting window that blocks content.

Internet marketers fear that this will be the end of email marketing. If anything, 2017 will be the year of email marketing as new trends tend to arise following Google’s announcements. Email marketing still drives a large amount of sales as proven by the 25%+ sales on 2015 Black Friday which were generated through the marketing strategy. Two years ago, email marketing brought in 25.1% Black Friday sales online more than the sales generated through single marketing channels like social media marketing.

Most online users check their mails every day. Others do so for twice or thrice a day or more. When the email reaches the inbox, the communication is direct and private without the distractions of Facebook or Twitter. For the marketer, direct access to the audience’s attention is an ideal opportunity for engagement.

Statistics reveal that email marketing has ROI of 44.25 times. This means that for every $100 you invest in email marketing, you expect an average of $4,425 in returns. Through email marketing, a business develops a relationship with the audience. For 2017, businesses should continue to get email addresses because the email list is a very valuable asset.

Content is very important for prospective customers who are searching the net for information on insurance providers. While insurance providers can advertise to get the attention of potential customers, insurance marketing will drive targeted traffic to the business website. When content of value is provided to the target audience, the business gets more inbound requests for information.

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The First Ever Skyscraper In Fort Lauderdale Is Now Coming Down

Sweet Building used to dominate the downtown skyline of Fort Lauderdale because of its nine storeys. Those days are now behind us.

The office building was built in 1926 located at the northern part of Andrews Avenue Bridge and it was the first skyscraper that the city had and it has coveted the title tallest structure in downtown for 46 years. The roof of the building has its own history. This has served as an observation post in order to track enemy planes in the Second World War.

The building survived through the test of time, even the hurricane that hits the region back in 1926. The only thing it cannot withstand as of the moment is the progress that is inevitably coming. The building will be taken down because of the new project that will be constructed in its place – the 4 West Las Olas. The new building will have 25 storeys and will feature 261 apartments. There will also be space for retail with over 5,000 square feet allotted.

According to Tom Vogel, a property owner, the downtown area is looking for residential space and most importantly in the locations near the river. They require employees that will live there as well as make use of the property’s retail.

The glory days of the building stopped even before the purchase made by the father of Vogel back in 1980. After which, it was renamed as One River Plaza. Its original name was taken from the seasonal winter visitor who bought the building in 1931, William Sweet.

The building was the tallest until the Landmark building was constructed in 1972 featuring 28 storeys. Other taller buildings followed such as Southeast Third Avenue and Regions located in Broward Boulevard. After the rise of the condo industry, the Sweet Building was further dwarfed because these new buildings have a maximum height of 40 storeys.

There is no more historical value in the building because of the remodeling done. Its original windows were replaced, the façade has been modified and the arcade that is located at the ground level featuring an open air space has since been eliminated. Despite the attempt to get a historic designation, state officials refused to do so because of the renovations that were done on the building’s interior as well as exterior.

Visit Fort Lauderdale Florida to see the building one last time before it disappears on the map forever.

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Battling Hair Loss – A Completely Reversible Condition With Natural Remedies

The general medical term for hair loss is Alopecia. There are three types of alopecia, depending on the behavior of the loss. Some are in patches, some occur in the entire head or complete baldness and some have no hair in their entire body. The most common type of hair loss is pattern baldness, both occurring equally to men and women. Everybody dreads hair loss, and many are willing to pay the hefty price for medication and treatments to counter it. It can be very stressful and at some point traumatic that is why ample knowledge for hair loss and care can make a lot of difference.

Why is my hair falling out?

Thinning of hair eventually leading to pattern baldness is demoralizing. It can be due to something simple, like a deficiency in a vitamin, or something really complex, like a serious health condition. For instance, there are some people whose scalp are more sensitive than others that friction against the pillow or due to wearing a cap can trigger their hair loss. Or an endocrine disorder like a thyroid condition or diabetes can also lead to hair loss, affecting each person in different rates. Emotional trauma or severe stress can also cause hair loss.


Hair loss and care goes hand in hand, as this condition is completely reversible. Since the causes are varying and are not really connected to each other, each cause entails a unique treatment. The difficult part in treating hair loss is determining the cause, but once there is already a diagnosis, treatment can be fairly easy. In case for hair loss, several specialist needs to administer series of test. A psychologist, nutritionist, immunologist, endocrinologist and neurologist, all of them need to conduct a test to see if the hair loss is a medical condition under their field. If one, or all of them, have diagnosed the patient positive of a certain medical condition in their field, then they have to administer appropriate treatments to treat the condition. Once the condition is treated, the hair follicles will regain its purpose. Natural remedies are also helpful, such as olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil are known to be magic potions for the hair.

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Melbourne Homes Experienced Street Art

Street art is now considered a trend and many Australians are opting for bolder choices when it comes to home decorating. This is good news for artists specializing in residential murals because of the booming business.

Renata Caia is a mural painter working for Artistic Murals Melbourne. She is busy and her schedule is getting packed with painting works in pool sides, restaurants and cafes. She is also booked in painting children’s bedroom. Her latest project was for the country community hall wherein she has to paint larger than life super heroes.

Caia shared that it is not what it used to be when it comes to how people decorate their spaces all over the house including the rooms. People are now opting for this especially if they have a feature wall or if they want to have something unique in their kid’s bedroom. The usual screen has become too common for households and many are turning to this new trend. Every mural that she is painting is unique for every household and it fits the space where she is tasked to paint. She made sure that everyone has a different painting from everybody else.

Caia most recently tackled a warehouse conversion located in West Melbourne, it was actually her house. The building is a factory that has been transformed into apartments back in the early 20th century. The corporation of the building’s new owner decided that it would be nice to have a mural on the northern stairwell until the second floor was painted as well by the same artist. This is when Caia noticed that there is a blank space left on their end of the balcony. They decided to create a painting with l’oeil style.

There is another mural artist in the area, the 90 Degrees Graffiti. They specialize in transforming suburban homes with street arts. Dan Wenn is the artist behind the team. They are not just painting old warehouses but residential murals are now becoming more popular.

If you want a mural in your own home, you can contact painters & decorators in Reading for their services.

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